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15 Balms For Keeping Your Lips Soft And Kissable This Winter

December 10, 2014

The weather may be turning frightful, but that doesn’t mean your smile has to follow suit. Prevent or treat chapped lips caused by the cold, wind, and dry indoor heat with these top intensely moisturizing salves, balms, tints, and lipsticks.

By Jennifer Hirshlag

The Preparer

It doesn’t hurt to gently rub your lips once a day, whether using your bath towel, washcloth, or toothbrush, to rid them of loose skin. But at least once a week, and before creating a more dramatic makeup look, reach for an exfoliator that truly gets the job done. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish sloughs away dry flakes using yummy brown sugar crystals and coats your pucker with an even yummier mixture of nourishing shea butter and jojoba oil.

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, $22;barneys.com

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