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5 Nail Salon Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

March 23, 2015

Nail salons are a great place to go when your nails need some extra TLC and you simply just want to relax. What you might not realize while you are getting that nice hand massage is that the salon may be doing your nails more harm than good and possibly putting you at risk for serious infections. Next time you are at the salon, pay attention for any  of the following red flags:

1. Using the wrong nail files

Cheap, disposable nail files are inexpensive, but costly to your nail health. They have a grit on them that is entirely way too coarse for a natural nail bed and can hold bacteria easier. They tear up your nails and can even cause splitting. Glass and crystal files are something that you should invest in. You may just want to bring it with you for your own good.

2. Incorrect filing method 

So your nail technician may be using the proper file, but is she utilizing it correctly? If not, this can be just as counterproductive. Filing in both directions makes your nails split and compromises their health. The proper way to file the nails is from corner to center in one direction.

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3. Using acetone polish remover

Cheap pure acetone is inexpensive for salons to purchase in bulk, but isn’t the healthiest product for the nail beds. In fact, pure acetone is extremely drying to your nails. You may even notice your skin and nails turn chalky white after using it. Non-acetone removers are gentler on your nails.

4. Incorrect gel manicure removal 

Have you ever seen your technician pull out an object like a credit card to try and pry off your fake nail? Not only is this kind of scary, it’s completely incorrect. This should be done by soaking in remover. The tech should file down the buffed surface of the nail, apply oil to the cuticles (to prevent over drying) and then place a saturated cotton ball over the nail bed until the gel is removed completely. The remover will soften the gel and it should just easily slide off.

5. Improper sterilization

Most salons will have UV sterilizers displayed for their customers’ peace of mind, but you may be shocked to find out that these may be just for show! Many salons have fake “blue light toasters” that offer nothing more than the depiction of sterilization. For a more guaranteed sterilization, ask your tech to use a barbicide bath. This is a disinfectant that they should soak their tools in.

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