Staying Calm in Crisis: 5 Ways to Remain Stress-Free Amid Coronavirus Concerns

April 5, 2020

 Just after the world mourned the tragic loss at the beginning of 2020, of basket-ball-legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and several others via a helicopter crash,  the world took another strike as a super virus identified as COVID-19 began making its rounds infecting many and killing many others. Beginning in Wuhan, China, this disease also referred to as the Coronavirus, has now circled the globe and everybody everywhere is going corona crazy! Ever since the masses have been made aware of this sudden and tragic pandemic, it is the only thing anyone really talks about these days. A medical catastrophe of this magnitude has the entire world in a state of unrest and reasonably so.

As though we are living in the times of the apocalypse, cities and towns have become ghost-towns as governments have enforced laws that to some resemble the beginning of martial law. Entire counties, cities and states all over the world are under curfew restrictions, and people are being forced to stay inside their homes and “self-quarantine” whether they have tested positive for COVID-19 or not, until further notice. At this point, no-one has any real answers being that this strain of the coronavirus has never been seen before, and if anything, more and more questions are being raised. People are afraid for their lives and are trying their best to cope with this unforeseen turn of events. Even still, however, there is always hope. Read on to learn the 5 ways to remain calm and stress-free in the midst of a crisis. 

  1. Stop Watching the News
Although it is good to be informed and aware, moderation is key as this should not be done in excess. Watching the news is okay sometimes, however, It may be time to draw the line when the information you are receiving puts you in a state of distress or disrupts your mental health and sense of security. Also, if you find that either you are not learning any new helpful information or that said information is only gradually building on the first cycle of bad news you’ve already received, then chances are, watching the news is not benefitting you at this time, especially since you are unable to change the negative circumstances being reported. At a time of crisis and especially during a pandemic, the news will generally only cover that specific information over and over again. If you allow yourself to be consumed by tragic news, your own reality will begin to reflect that, and doing so causes unnecessary stress which is detrimental to your being as a whole, mentally, emotionally and eventually even physically.

At a time like this especially, you need all the strength you can muster up and stress will not contribute to that effort in the least bit. So be kind to yourself and take a break from the news for a while. Coming to the realization that we are not in control of the tragic events that take place, should also remind us that it is not our jobs to do so and it is best to place our focus elsewhere, towards something more productive and rewarding.

  2. Get off of Google

Now don’t get me wrong, Google is absolutely amazing! It is a wealth of endless information and knowledge, however, all knowledge isn’t good knowledge and just like watching too much of the news, too much Googling can cause negative mental and emotional side effects as well. When a search to find out why you have a pimple ends in you believing that you now have a rare devastating disease and you are now convinced that you only have a month left to live, that just might be a red flag you have reached your Google limit for a while. Just like with the Coronavirus, looking up symptoms every day without ever actually being seen by a healthcare professional, will eventually lead you to believe that you, in fact, have all the symptoms and the end is near. Stop it! Now breathe nice deep breaths and find something else to do.

Driving yourself crazy and feeding your worries is never a good plan. This applies to social media as well. although it is a great tool for staying connected and maintaining relationships with friends, be mindful of what you are viewing and what those “friends” are posting on their newsfeeds, stories and timelines.

    3. Only Communicate With Positive Peers

In a time of crisis, the absolute last thing you need is a Negative Nancy or a Debbie Downer on your team. In this instance, you need to make an adjustment to your circle. That doesn’t mean you have to permanently end your friendship with your childhood friend. But you should definitely consider limiting time with that said friend during a time of crisis especially if they are pessimistic. If in conversation you express to your friend your fear of possibly having the Coronavirus and they respond by telling that you probably do and go on to tell you how horrible they heard it was, make a mental note to your self to NEVER look to them for comfort again, because that obviously is not their strong point. You should make it a point to find some positive friends. This goes for family members too. You need positive people around especially at a time like this.

  4. Indulge in Your Hobbies

Whether it be reading, dancing, listening to music or going for a jog, do something you enjoy and are passionate about. This will allow you to refocus your energy and avoid stressing about the Coronavirus or just life in general. During this time of lockdown or quarantine as some prefer to call it, visualize it as a much-needed break. Take advantage of all the extra time you have been extended and use that time to do the things you only dreamed about when you had to get up early every morning for work, or be up late at night if you worked a late or overnight shift.

This is your reset button so use it to recharge. You can sleep longer, binge-watch Netflix movies, cook creative meals with your immediate family or whoever you’re quarantined with even if it’s just you. One day, all the corona madness will be over and we will all be back to work and school. We will think back to the free time we were given during this time and either reminisce about it and smile or regret not taking full advantage while we had the opportunity. My advice to you is to live life without regrets, seize the moment and make it count.

  5. Write Out Your Business Plan

You know that dream of yours you always put on the back burner? You know, that business you’re always talking about starting but never quite have the time? Well, now you have all the time, so what’s your excuse? Even if you don’t get it completely running in this given time, step one of building a dream or vision is writing out your plan, putting everything into perspective. Not only will this give you a good headstart and make it easier to set things in motion, but you will have no time to think about the Coronavirus.

This is also the perfect time to identify a need, find a solution and come up with a new business idea as well. At a time when everyone is at home bored, you now have everyone’s attention when you post your YouTube video or market your product on social media. Who knows when there will ever be another time as pregnant with opportunity as the very one we are living in now. Just look around you, have you ever seen anything quite like what you’re witnessing in the present? People are hoarding toilet paper and those who can’t find it are going to the ends of the earth to get some. It is the same with Lysol and hand sanitizer. If even just last year someone were to tell any of us that the year 2020 would consist of such, we would probably look at them and laugh. But hey this is where we are and though it is strange it’s not all bad. You owe it to yourself to keep your own promises. Your future is waiting for you

The Take-away:

With all the negativity being pumped into the atmosphere, we can all stand to benefit from some positivity instead. If you focus on and feed negative thoughts and emotions, it will only perpetuate it and cause it to grow. So switch gears and feed fruitful and productive thoughts as a healthier option. We can all get through this together, and we will!