October 9, 2014

Charity Lynette of Curvy Chick Fitness

charity lynette
If you are struggling with balancing a healthy lifestyle know that you are not alone. Some think that living a healthy lifestyle is a strict diet and exercising 7 days a week. Obviously that is correct but I am a firm believer in tasting any and everything you want. A taste is very different than eating a whole portion or worse a whole plate of a not so great calorie, fat, or sugar count item. My definition of a healthy lifestyle is balance of mind,body,spirit and a combination of what needs to be done and what you want to do. It’s about creating a balance that you can maintain on a regular basis.
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For those of you that don’t know I have battle my own weight loss issues. At one point I was 300 lbs lost 90 and gained back 35. Recently I have gotten rid of the 35 and I say got rid of instead of lost is because when you lose something you would eventually want to find it again. I clearly do not want to find that other 35 lbs. Keeping the 35 lbs off has been a balancing act. What I noticed is by allowing my self to have certain foods when I want them vs. taking them completely out of my food intake only made me want them more. For example, I love bagels! Yea I know the calorie and fat count in a bagel is outrageous so I will have one on a day that I am going to exercise in the morning for breakfast. I know its not a lot but one bagel a week isn’t going to stop my weight loss especially because I spend ample amount of time in the gym.

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What you want to do is take it easy especially in the beginning trying to change everything cold turkey may not be the best when trying to transition into a better lifestyle start replacing certain ingredients with others. For example, replacing corn and vegetable oil with olive and coconut oil, White rice with brown rice or quinoa, and soda with seltzer water and fruit just to name a few. When eating out stick to your veggies and protein if you feel like you want dessert then get one and share! That way you get a few bites without too many of the calories, fat, and sugar. Not depriving your self of your favorite things will help you stay on track given that you are tasting and sampling and not going all the way in on a gallon of ice cream. I feel that people with have better results then going 2 months eating clean to get ready for a big event you feel you need to look good for then when its over going back to your old habits will only give you the yo-yo diet effect. Same thing with your workouts trying to workout twice a day for 6 days a week is very unrealistic unless you are unemployed and do not have any kids. Start with 30 minutes 3 days a week and keep that going for a month. Try different activities so that you aren’t doing the same boring workout 3 days a week, Take a class one day, then another let that be your partner workout with a co-worker or friend, and the other could be your alone time taking a nice brisk walk through the neighborhood. The key to stay with your workouts is too keep them changing so that boredom doesn’t take over.
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Healthy mind and spirit is equally important. Whether you battle with depression or unhealthy thoughts of yourself, you have to realize that mental wellness is just as important. There are outlets and resources in that department as well. Remember its a balance that you can maintain on a regular basis. As you begin to cut certain foods out of your intake and replace them with a healthier choice it will become a habit vs something that is a chore to replace. Once its a habit it is no longer something you battle with. Here are a few other replacement options:
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Milk to almond or soy milk
Margarine to Butter
White Sugar to Agave or Honey
Chips to Homemade Kale Chips,Seaweed Chips, or Nuts
Sweet Treats to Dried Fruit
Cheese to Feta Cheese
These replacements still contain their share of calories and sugars but they are the better choice and not with so many man made chemicals, so you still want to stay within the portions! Stay focused my friends, remember the name Curvy Chick Fitness.
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