Aleeya and Aleexus Crowder (ELIXIR) Album Release Recap

January 20, 2020

On Saturday, January 11th, 2020 Aleeya, and Aleexus Crowder launched their EP featuring my personal favorite “Vibes on High”….Click the link to hear this song and more from their album on their site!

Aleeya and Aleexus Crowder

Special thanks to De Marcus Shaw.  This amazing event space is located in Decatur GA and the location where twins made the debut. Inside of DWS Studio, the room was filled with some of the biggest media influences in Atlanta. People were mingling, sipping mimosas, and enjoying hor d’ oeuvres while waiting for the headliners to hit the stage. 

Selena Weinert Graves who happens to be the young ladies manager, took her time putting extra effort into making sure this was an amazing night for the sensational duo. Such a good job well done.  

Elixir finds great interest in the making of genuine and prolific music. Elixir’s strong fascination with music began with a simple love of art. With the fondness of nature and everything else found to be pure, it wasn’t hard for these qualities to influence the way their music was made and received. Consg tantly sending positive and relatable messages to their audience is one of many important tasks on Elixir’s agenda. Smooth vibes and good intentions throughout our mentions.

Elixir makes it a priority to send messages and positive energy through the ears of our diverse listeners. We would love for you to keep checking out our channel(pages) for new content and updates. They will be delivering so give them feedback (GOOD OR BAD) and know without a shadow of a doubt that you are greatly acknowledged as our viewer.

Photo and Video Credit Selena Weinert Graveson