Alex Green Announces FREE Downloads of “How To Communicate Your Way to Riches” on Friday the 13TH

February 10, 2015

Friday the 13th Special, free download directly from for 24 Hours

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : Alex Green, Communication and Media Maven, will officially debut her book on Tuesday, February 17th via Amazon.  Her Friday the 13th Special, however, will be available as a  free download directly from her website for 24 hours-   The book, How to Communicate Your Way to Richesoffers industry insight on how to position one’s company and brand properly within a competitive media landscape. Green shares insight and personal stories from her own experiences working as a member of the press (Senior Journalist of Rolling out Magazine)within the Houston market to now owning her own global company.

How to Communicate Your Way to Riches covers the essentials of communication (both verbal and non-verbal) and teaches people how to truly capitalize from effective communication. “I wanted to develop a book that really brought an awareness to how a business owner or striving professional presents him or herself and their ideas within the mass media and communications industry. Most of the time it isn’t what you say but how you say it; the art of communicating,” said Alex Green.

“I will be embarking on the 2015 Brand Masters 10 City Tour, which is where I will be presenting an idea exchange with professionals who truly are willing to invest in themselves and discover why the art of communication is so vital to the growth of a company. Miscommunication, along with miseducation, can be a waste of time and isn’t cost efficient. Not knowing is one of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make,” said Green. “Being able to communicate your ideas effectively, and process them correctly plays, a major role in the success of a company. I struggled trying to comprehend my entrepreneurial journey and made many mistakes along the way.  These mistakes, and what wins I’ve had so far, are just a few of the many concepts and challenges that I will explore in in my book and on the 2015 Brand Masters Tour,” finished Green.

Alex Green is a seasoned professional within the media industry who focuses on providing high-end photography, videography, and media coaching to individuals, entertainers and corporations. Alex Green has also served as a contributing freelance writer to numerous print publications and online services. Alex Green holds a degree from Wiley College in mass media relations and communication discovery.


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