[Another Successful Show] Katrina Jenkins Moore With The Southeastern Hair And Fashion Show 6

July 20, 2014


Chris Short Barber Battle

Terisha Batson & Radiaesh Mccra Salon Competition

Trina Sims Stylist Competition

Miller Motte  Jacksonville School Competition



Katrina has been in the hair and beauty business for 20 years. She started in high school just playing around and then she noticed that she had a gift. Readily and willingly to maximize her craft she put her self out there. After school she ventured out going as far as New York but soon after realized home is where her heart was. Opening her first, and second salon in Wilmington NC, she strived for excellence. G & K Hair Studio  has made its way to Downtown Wilmington. She has the first black owned and operated salon spa in that area. In 2008 Katrina wanted to take things to the next level. Her motto “Dream Big Get Big”  inspired her to start Southeastern Hair and Fashion Show. This was a way for her to combine her love for her craft and building a relationship with new people and improving the ones she already had with clients and coworkers. Always putting God first, she gives God praise and thanks him for blessing her with her hands and her creativity. With her family support Southeastern Hair and Fashion Show will continue on and in memory of her mother Ms Mary Jenkins. Ms Mary was loved by everyone but she and Katrina a bond like no other. Her mother is her biggest fan all though she went on to be with the Lord March 9, 2014, she knows her mother is cheering her on every step of the way from heaven. Katrina is a big support in her community and for 6 year has had a successful show from her community supporting her. She gives God all the glory.
This years’ judges were
Sandra Mcclammy, Terrance Davison and Glam Tour Stylist, Queen Wink, Baby Boy, MIC, Eric Cheeks, JB Brown, Deginald, Lee Burgess, Kenisha, Mike Mike, Adomma
Surprise Guest Derick J with Celebrity Appearance from Cat Washington from Bad Girl Club Season 5.
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For more information about being sponsorship, vending, competition, or attending the show next year please feel free to contact Katrina at  (910) 512-0754
G & K Hair Studio & Spa
230 Princess Pl Dr
Wilmington NC 28405
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