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May 7, 2014

One of the strongest trends to emerge from recent Fashion Weeks across the globe is a strong, bold brow. A well-groomed brow can add definition, open up your eye area and create an overall appearance of balance to the face.

Of course, most of us weren’t blessed with great brows. In looking back at my grade school photos, I wish I could get those brows back! Most women have overplucked, incorrectly plucked or neglect altogether this important facial feature.

The experts at European Wax Center have a few tips regarding the shape of your eyebrows. The shape of your brow should flatter your face. Soften a square face by rounding the arch. Alternatively, an angled high arch can bring definition to a rounder face.  A lighter more manicured eyebrow can give your face the fresh look you’ve been longing for. Hint: Bring the end to a graceful point, this adds femininity and is a characteristic of a manicured brow. While desirable, a full brow is sometimes just not in the cards. A thinner brow with a higher arch can accentuate strong and powerful eyes.

To solve some of the most common problems, I’ve compiled a list of tips and my favorite eyebrow products:

Eyebrow Products

  • A good tweezer is a must. I’ve recently discovered Perfect Beauty Tweezers. They have a slanted tip, which aligns perfectly along the arch of your brow. The tension is comfortable and the shaft is made of stainless steel. Perfect Beauty Tweezers have a lifetime guarantee and offer free sharpening. Plus, the cute design makes me more likely to reach for them! They work as good asTweezerman, a brand I’ve used for years. I’ve also been told that tweezing is best done after your shower, when pores are open.
  • After tweezing, I apply The Cool Fix™ Lip and Brow Formula from Shaveworks to the brow area. You immediately feel a cooling sensation; Mediacalm complex reduces redness, moisturizes, and promotes healing.
  • To help accelerate brow growth and maintain fullness, I apply Boom Boom Brow Job several times a week before I go to bed. The formula contains biologically active ingredients and is physician-formulated and Opthamologist tested. It takes about 4-6 weeks to see results.
  • In general, to fill in sparse brows regardless of the cause, take your makeup primer up through the brow area and then fill in with short strokes using an eyebrow pencil. Some of the pencils that I like include It Cosmetics Your Brows But Better, which comes in a Universal Taupe shade and MAC Veluxe Brow Liners, which you select based on your hair color.
  • Another option is to use a powder to fill in areas of sparseness or to add to the illusion of fullness.  I love the Guerlain Eyebrow Kit (top of photo) which contains 4 long-lasting, universal powder shades. You can mix and match to get the perfect color for you, plus there is a dual-ended brush. The Urban Decay Brow Box comes in two shade choices (Honey Pot or Brown Sugar). Inside you’ll find two shades of powder, plus pomade for setting. Below is a drawer that holds two brushes and a mini-tweezer. I also like the Senna Brow Shaper Duo of powder/pomade. Select the shade based on your hair color and pick up the Double Brow Brush, which is one of the best I’ve used.
  • To tame unruly brows, to “set” your brow if you’ve used a powder to fill in or as a stand alone product, you can’t beat the ease and convenience of a brow gel. Often times this is the only product that I’ll use on my eyebrows. I love NARS Brow Gel in Oural (clear); the size of the bristle on the brush is perfect. I’ve also used Anastasis Clear Gel, which is excellent and has a convex-shaped brush. For a tinted brow gel, I like Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper (in Rich Brown).

– via BEAUTY 411

Photo Credit: beautyaficionado.com