Best Selling Author Nikki Woods Releases ‘EASIER SAID THAN DONE’ Kindle Edition

February 14, 2015

One of the country’s most admired media producers, Nikki Woods, is launching her debut book on Kindle for a special price of $2.99. Woods, herself, has received critical acclaim from Dr. Maya Angelou and Tom Joyner.


Nikki Woods’s book, ‘Easier Said Than Done’ debuted first in print in 2005. After a publishing acquisition change, it was re-released last year and captivated reading audiences. Now, Woods is re-launching the book via Kindle’s format and at a special price of $2.99

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The book is an engaging fictional read and speaks to the raw emotion that comes with the depths of decision making during a tragedy. The book’s main character, Kingston Phillips, is pulled from her successful career in the entertainment business to act as the executor of her grandmother’s will. From there, Kingston is forced to revisit loves of the past, childhood trauma, family drama, and much more.

“It’s a captivating read because we all have a bit of drama when it comes to the past and our families,” said Velma Trayham of ThinkZILLA. “It’s always an honor to representing writing talent, such as Nikki’s.  I know the Kindle audience has been asking for this launch for a while now, which is why we have decided to offer it at the limited time price of $2.99.”

Nikki Woods’s primary job is as the producer for The Tom Joyner Morning Show. She is also a life and branding coach and has worked within the voiceover field. She decided to dive into the field of writing and publishing because she had a desire to help further connect interesting stories that could inspire people on many levels.  Both Dr. Maya Angelou and Tom Joyner have spoken fondly of Woods and her ability to really connect with mass audiences.

‘Easier Said Than Done’ is also available on Nikki’s website, via a free sample download.  The first edition of the book is available Amazon and as part of Amazon Prime. The book has a 4.5 star rating with over 60 reviews.  One Amazon reviewer wrote, “Fresh, warm, and rich with life, that’s Nikki Woods’s “Easier Said Than Done.” It was a most enjoyable read. She blended love, confusion, problems within family, friends, and lover well. Kingston’s life changing events were not out of the realm of reality. Yet, Nikki handled the transition with a fresh spin.”Nikki Woods has served as an OWN ambassador for Pretty Brown Girl Inc. and  has earned the title of Global Visibility Expert and journalism at the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois. Woods was named the ME&WE Inc. Woman of the Year in 2013.

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