Blue Ivy and The Sun-Kisses by LaTasha R. Williams

February 11, 2016

Blue Ivy and The Sun-Kisses

…. In continuing with the wave of the new Beyonce’ video; the SuperBowl 50 performance, and now her announcement of the “Formation” World Tour, Blue Ivy’s cameo appearance was DEFINITELY a highlight and I have to give you this.  I have so much respect for Beyonce’ not only giving the SuperBowl a Black Power message but she’s taking the “formation” of the 70’s where the sight of an Afro was pure ether of Black Power!  She made sure she did so by NOT announcing her daughter’s hair as being “Natural” but she loved her “ hair and Afro.”  Thank You Beyonce’.  We’re well on our way now!  She even took it a step further with DARKER melanin gorgeous little girls of Afro Curl texture as Blue’s playmates.  I love it.  I absolutely love it.


Displaying blue and friends.jpgDisplaying blue and friends.jpg


I’m a single mother of a 20 year old Man! After wanting a girl SO bad, choosing even a name for her, picturing getting our nails done, the truth came down like an elevator carrying 20 tons of steel. I remember the words so well, “…looks like you’re having a boy!”  I was so disappointed but after a few days of getting over the initial shock I began embracing the fact that I was bringing a Black man into the world.


Now? To know me is to know I truly have a passion for Black boys. And well, as Beyonce’ showed us this weekend, Afro-curl and Blackness are one in the same.


If you ask me our revolution starts from the crown down.  After we obtain the proper knowledge of our hair and the psyche of our Blackness all other aspects of our culture will begin to take its proper place.  This is the perspective of where Beyonce’s message.  In the 60’s and 70’s to be Black with an Afro meant power. Even during this era, the mention of Angela Davis brings us to a place of respect. This is legacy passed that we need to continue and the one way to continue our legacy is through our children.  We have to continually affirm our children daily from their hair to their skin tone to maximize their self-esteem in a world where our sun-kissed descendants are slowly on the decline.


Here are just a few ways we can begin or continue our Afro-curl hair AND our melanin skin through our babies:


  1. BE the example.Show your children you can MANAGE very well your hair.  This will in turn prove to them they too can significantly manage your Afro-curly hair.  In this case it is ok for them to do as you do.  You may even allow your daughter to do her own hair as an incentive for her great behavior.  This will force you to open your mind; come out of the box because you have to ACCEPT whatever way she chooses to style her hair.  But that’s the point: if SHE loves it then who are you or anyone else to judge how she should look.  Watch her confidence shoot through the roof.
  2. Purchase Black Afro-curl dolls and action figures for your children.Allow their little minds to build and configure and create then re-configure and re-build again. I believe this too reinforces their confidence in their intact Blackness.
  3. Purchase and read books and novels with Afro-curl characters.Along with the fact that we have to read to our children make sure you’re reading books with characters that look like them.  What better way than to put into words their dynamic ability of rising and falling actions and climax to resolve.  In addition with them developing problem-solving skills, you the parent would have supported a Black author in hopefully at a black owned establishment.
  4. Acknowledge and compliment other Afro-curl children.Black children will pick up not only our behaviors but our language.  Allow them to hear you confirming the beauty of other Afro-curl children of other shades and with hair of another texture.
  5. Develop a progress or support group with you and other parents that have Afro-curl children.The children can or cannot be completely oblivious to what “type” of group they are involved.  All they could know is they are having fun with other little people who are like them, afro-curly and Black.  It can start with just two parents and can grow from there.  This creates a reality for them that Black people are happy and get along with one another, opposite of what most of our Black “reality” television shows represent.
  6. Now this one has everything to do with our Black beings and not so much our hair but it does follow the affirmation — Reinforce the validity that the original state of most of the foods we eat are brown. I did this for years when my son was young and I cannot put into words the effect this conditioning has had on him.  Brown eggs, wheat, rye and pumpernickel bread, brown/wheat rice, russet potatoes, pecans, honey, brown sugar, raisins, almonds, … anything brown I purchased it.  Not only that, my home décor was brown/beige/earth-toned.  I allowed him to play in dirt and affirmed his Blackness was the color of life through the earth.  You may want your Sun-Kisses to plant flowers; anything to get them to accept and love themselves.
  7. Remain conscious of the music your Sun-Kissed Descendant/s audio.When my son was growing up, I say I was conscious before I even knew it.  I played Jill Scott, India Arie, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Music Soulchild, Angie Stone, Goapele, Floetry…. All of the “Neo-Soul” artists of that time.  They spoke words.  Vocabulary.  Diction. Enunciation. You know?  All the components that go with literacy.  The ironic part of the music selection is this: as far as rap goes I played Jay-Z, Nas, and 2Pac.  To this day he is a die-hard 2Pac fan and can’t get enough of him but that’s ok because 2Pac had a message.
  8. Another part to reinforcing your Sun-Kisses are to denounce anything pagan.I remember my son knowing of Santa Claus for one year but the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy….. he never knew any of that shit.  (Excuse my Swahili).  Not even Halloween.  For a while he went to private school and for Halloween they would dress down.  I didn’t even allow that because it was still an acknowledgment of the pagan.  He wore his uniform as any other day.






The latter will take some hard-nose parenting but necessary.  If we don’t do it our children will literally grow up hating themselves.  It’s all propaganda!  If they aren’t deeply indoctrinated in the values and interests of their own Black power they will become the “bewildered herd” controlled by the specialized class.  Don’t do it!  No matter what you grew up knowing, it’s NOT ok now; well nor was it then.  But you’ve been charged to awaken a Sun-Kiss.



Blessings, Tasha