June 4, 2016

BOOTY’S SOUL FOOD RESTAURANT, is a monumental landmark in Wilmington, North Carolina. BOOTY’S is a black owned business that has been servicing the city for over 30 years. Local residents and out of town family and friends heavily flock to BOOTY’S during holidays and family reunions for his famous beans and rice and fried chicken- hold the mayo (that’s a inside joke for those of us that were born and raised in Wilmington). LOL!


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Although BOOTY’S has been in business for over 30 years, he is a private person and preferred not to be interviewed. If you know BOOTY, that is his typical demeanor; he would rather cook, than talk. So I found the best person to give me the “nitty, gritty” on good ole’ BOOTY’S, my mother.

Joyce Bloodworth, states, “BOOTY’S was the place to go after the clubs closed, back in the 80s.” She stated that he had a little chilling area in the back of the restaurant for VIP and she was one of them. He would make signature drinks for them, such as  a drink called the “Ricky Fizz.” He mixed Richards Wild Irish Rose with a secret mixture and she stated, “it was the BOMB!”

Joyce, stated that BOOTY’S served all kind of sandwiches and had BOOTY’S original beans and rice. According to my mom, she stated that he got the crowd from 7th and Castle to the Wilmington Sportsman Club. She states, “BOOTY did not play and he demanded his respect. Ya’ll better but some “RESPECK” on BOOTY’S name… lol!

My mom enjoyed her times at BOOTY’S with her girlfriends Glo, Sylvia and Ann. She stated that BOOTY is a “Legend” and he deserves the recognition.

Thanks Ma, from your girls at PRESIDENTIALSTYLEONLINE!