Boss Business Women Amy Reese of ARC Business Solutions in Chamblee GA

November 15, 2018


The Editor and Chief of Presidential Style Online met Amy Reese back in the Summer of 2018 at A Millionaire Master Mind Group for women hosted by Velma Trayham.

Kiffany Fennell has been following her since and needless to say that she has been make amazing progress!

VoageATL Introduce Amy Reese to the world yesterday and today Presidential Style is sharing this amazing article as well.  Check out her story!

I am the CEO of ARC Business Solutions, a Consulting Firm that helps small and mid-sized businesses land Federal and Corporate contracts in order to grow their bottom line. Although I lived in Florida for a great deal of my time in Corporate America, I am an original Georgia Peach! I was born and raised in Macon, Georgia and am the third of four daughters born to two loving parents who celebrate 52 years of marriage this month. I grew up in a conservative household and had a solid foundation of God and family.


Prior to moving into the world of entrepreneurship, I spent over 20 years working as a successful Corporate Development executive in which I collaborated with Fortune 500 organizations and Government agencies in order to assist them with improving performance goals and productivity. In just the two years prior to leaving Corporate America, I contributed to my clients’ revenue growth in excess of $9.2 million. While I made a great living and loved my career, I began thinking more about my legacy and made the decision to take actionable steps to lead me on this new journey and have not looked back.

About six months before officially leaving Corporate America, I became a partner in a Property Management / Real Estate company. Naturally, my role in the organization was growth and development – but there was one problem – my area of expertise was business to business. I was not accustomed to working with the individual consumer. It was because of this that I began researching opportunities to do business with corporations and government agencies. I learned that less than 1% of small businesses compete in these areas but there are opportunities set aside especially for diverse small businesses. Specifically women, minorities and Veterans. I was able to apply for various Certifications that opened doors that I never imagined.

When I learned about the very small percentage of businesses that compete in these under-tapped marketplaces, I made it my mission to inform and educate other small businesses on these opportunities and ARC was born.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Ha! It has NOT been a smooth road! However, it has been everything I expected because my past career in Corporate Development prepared me. That role was the closest I could get to being an entrepreneur because I worked from home, traveled and had the freedom and flexibility of making my own schedule – much like owning my own business but with far less responsibility compared to being an entrepreneur. However, even with all of that wonderful experience, I still struggled with time management. There is always something to do and learning to prioritize was the key for me. As a new small business owner, you are ALL departments and the buck stops with YOU. If you don’t have a firm grasp of your purpose and direction, it can be a slippery slope. I am thankful that I have an accountability partner to help guide me and to hold me accountable to our goals and vision.

I’ve written my vision and I do something everyday to move closer to achieving it. I try not to look at the overall picture because it can be overwhelming. The small accomplishments and victories lead to the larger ones. When I am coaching my clients, my favorite quote that I leave them with is: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So get to eating”!



Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about ARC Business Solutions – what should we know?
ARC Business Solutions is a woman-owned and operated consulting firm that helps small businesses gain access to Federal and Corporate contracting opportunities. Our knowledge and expertise in the Federal and Corporate procurement space allow us to help our clients compete in an area that they may not otherwise fully understand. Since less than 1% of small businesses compete in the Federal and Corporate Marketplace, ARC Business Solutions seeks to grow that percentage by informing our clients about the opportunities that exist for them and helping them navigate through the system so that they can COMPETE and WIN!

We specialize in helping small businesses gain the Certifications that will enable them to achieve even greater access to the opportunities that are set-aside specifically for Veterans, women, and minorities.


Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
My partner, John Williams, is the technical and operational brain behind ARC. I am eternally grateful for his level of expertise. Because of John’s role in our organization, we are able to process Certifications faster and the systems that we have in place rivals that of a major corporation. If John were not my partner, it would have taken a lot longer to get where we are today and at a much greater cost. He is my “roll dog,” my “IT Guy,” my secret weapon and my honey!

As far as biggest cheerleader – that award goes to my son, David who has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. His thought process as it relates to entrepreneurship has been my biggest inspiration. He consistently roots me on, advises me to stay focused and tells me to pay no attention to the “outside noise.” He sends me notes of inspiration and motivation. Making him proud is one of my driving forces.

Additionally, there are certain people that I have been divinely connected with since I began this journey. These are a handful of business owners and spiritual sisters who I have gleaned information from, who have prayed with and for me and who have supported my efforts – whether it be showing up for speaking engagements to lending their facilities. They are now a part of my journey and I am so thankful to have them in my corner.

My clients are the real MVP’s! They inspire me everyday to give my all because I know that my mission is not about me but about them achieving a higher level of success.

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