Brenda Carlton Dixon is CELEBRATING 3 YRS & 21 FAMILIES with “Get That Deed”…. You Could Be Next!

December 12, 2016

Brenda Carlton Dixon is changing lives one family at a time. She is giving people something to look forward to in the the near future, 18 months to be exact. Brenda just celebrated her 3rd year in serving her community and beyond with her home ownership  program called “Get That Deed”. Her motto is “If you are grow enough to rent, you are grow enough to buy”. A couple of months ago she was featured in Presidential Style Online on “Stepping Up” and  talking about this amazing program. Check it out below!




Her #MISSION is clear. . Goal: Break long standing generational tenant cycles OFF our communities ACROSS THE USA. If you are ready to FIRE THAT LANDLORD, no matter your CURRENT financial situation, “Let’s get you started”… 18 mos or less.. 90% of you can OWN in #18mosOrLess …. With a plan, YES you can #GetThatDeed! …#InspiredHomeNetworks … Stay connected ..


On Thursday December 1, 2016 Brenda Carlton Dixon  ***CELEBRATING 3 YRS & 21 FAMILIES!!!****

#2016GTDcelebration#GetThatDeed 2016 Home-buyers celebration! …This ends our 3RD YEAR and we are celebrating “THE WILLIAMS FAMILY, THE BOSTON FAMILY, THE JOSEY FAMILY” in getting their deed! .. This is the 1st year in our 3 yr history that we have MORE buyers ready to buy but due to LOW inventory, won’t buy until 2017.. We have EIGHT families that will own next year and looking forward to MORE. .Also, special & new this year, saluting our 1st official Get That Deed home seller!

****Plus, this year Project Get That Deed officially went NATIONAL!..In Jacksonville FL , ATL and Pennsylvania*******

THANK YOU Purpose Church for opening your doors for the celebration.. HUGE Thank you Chef Keith Rhodes for your CONTINUED support as Dining Sponsor…. Our very own, Sandra TheMiddaymiss McClammy will be opening our event, J Quin J Quin , we are looking forward to your R&B performance.. We will dine to the smooth melodies of Darryl Sax Murrill .. Thank you Rochelle Britton Allen & Sheree Shepard of Elegant Touch for putting your special touches to the venue…Twalla Clemmons, looking forward to those delish desserts.. Eric L Bolding, we are ready to strike a pose, Ready, Set Wow! …..

An VERY SPECIAL THANKS AGAIN TO OUR OTHER SPONSORS…….Peter Williams of Tri-Maintenance Solutions , Adrian G Smith of Kris Transportation, Omar Washington of Movement Mortgage, Marilyn Morris Turner of Albemarle Bank & Trust


 Bottom Line If You Want It You Can Get It!!!

18 Month or Less!!!