Jamir Jumoke Presents The Transition…. Newest Addition to Presidential Style

September 10, 2014
Presidential Style is working on a new project and felt the need to bring in one of the NC’s finest Jamir Jumoke. With may

The “Anaconda” rapper has won the lawsuit that was brought by her former wig stylist Terrence Davidson.

August 28, 2014
  Presidential Style caught up with Terrence Davidson on he Glam Tour with his team in Wilmington NC as he stopped through as a

Music With One Of The Most Powerest Women In The Industry….. Mali Hunter And Tree Sound Studio in Atlanta GA

August 21, 2014
Five months ago Presidential Style met up with Mali on the red carpet in Atlanta GA at the premiere of Captain America.  Although it was

A Salute 2 U Awards

August 13, 2014
We are so proud of our founder and fearless leader Daniel Dickey for being honored as the Brand Architect of the Year at the

TRG Event News Get Your Tickets Today!

August 13, 2014
 V-103 and Jagged Edge have teamed up to present the “#iHope4U Initiative” benefiting Hosea Feed the Hungry. The benefit event takes place Thursday August 14th at

The Lil’ Kim–Nicki Minaj Feud Rages Again

August 8, 2014
While it seemed for a while that the feud between Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj had reached some sort of détente, tensions appear to

Keke Palmer Cast As Broadway’s First Black Cinderella

August 8, 2014
Keke Palmer, 20, has just been cast as Broadway’s first black Cinderella with Sherri Shepherd as her wicked stepmother. 20-year-old Keke Palmer is making history all over the


August 8, 2014
    Remember when you wanted to throw your TV out the window after realizing Beyonce mailed in a live stream versus performing live at the BET Awards

Keyshia Cole Breaks Silence On Lesbian Rumors & How Her Failed Marriage Changed Her Perspective On Love Silence On Lesbian Rumors & How Her Failed Marriage Changed Her Perspective On Love

July 27, 2014
Keyshia Cole has officially let the cat out of the bag. There will be no more wondering..  She sat down with WGCI radio and

EXCLUSIVES – Lady Gaga Slapped With Federal Court Appeal + Stevie J Plead Deal Talks With Feds + STORIES ON – Beyonce, Mack Wilds, Nicci Gilbert, Adrienne Bailon, Benzino & Mona Scott-Young + MORE

July 23, 2014
[EXCLUSIVE] Singer Slaps Lady Gaga With Federal Court Appeal Over ‘Judas’Read the rest of this entry » [INTERVIEW] Nicci Gilbert Talks R&B Divas Atlanta