Music executive Quinn “Spicoli” has Passed.

August 18, 2020
Quinn Coleman aka Dj Spicoli has passed away at 31. He was one of two Sons of former BET CEO Debra Lee, And was

The “Heals Act” the Second stimulus need to know

July 28, 2020
On Monday the GOP confirmed the HEALS act has been passed this includes; a second round of stimulus checks will be sent out through

Maxine Waters Reclaims Her Time On The Dec/Jan Cover Of ESSENCE

November 14, 2017
Black is beautiful is an empowering statement. And I can remember when it first came about. And to hear young black people in particular


September 6, 2016
Finally, Kiffany, breaks her silence on the closing of Mane Attraction Hair Studio.

‘Women’s Running’ Magazine Features Plus-Size Model on the Cover: Read Her Emotional Note

March 18, 2016
Happy tears! Plus-size model Nadia Aboulhosn broke down in public when she saw her Women’s Running magazine cover for the first time in stores.

[ Media Recap] Support The Port Foundation Inc Presents: Stop The Violence Talent Show & Toy

December 17, 2015
Support The Port Foundation Inc. & Alquon’s Angels brought together families from all over Wilmington to fellowship and be entertained from local talent during their

2015 MTV Video Music Awards

September 1, 2015
Wow, was Onika, better known as Nicki Minaj, about to go in on Miley Cyrus at this year’s VMAs?! It shocked the hell out

Rapper Big Pooh Of Little Brother Along with Hero The Band

August 13, 2014
The Muddy Water Group brings you the third installment of their electrifying summer concert series Mandatory Auditory. The concert will take place Thursday August

Beyoncé Changes Lyrics On Stage, Sparks Rumor Jay Z Cheated With Mya

In case you had forgotten, this mortal world is just one big National Treasure-style adventure in which Beyoncé and her extended family leave various mysterious clues scattered