CELEBRITY Former NBA Player Gilbert Arenas Says He’s Blocking All Girls From Flint Michigan Because They’re Dirty & Wahing Their A$$ With Dirty Lead Water!

February 3, 2016

Former NBA Basketball Player Gilbert Arenas is beyond ignorant, mean, disrespectful and hateful. He recently posted on Instagram, ” Am I the only dude blocking any girl from Flint right now, ha ha ha, Sorry girls but your dirtyness has been made public, you been washing that a$$ with dirty lead water.”

He went on to say, “I see all the chicks from Flint is mad at me… I don’t know why nobody told you to post y’all bath water, s*** looking like y’all about to brew tea.. taking hot tea bathes?” He added, “Everybody donating water…. got you taking fiji water hoe showers armpit, armpit, a$$, vagina hahahahaha sound like some thots hitting the club… Keep that sourpuss away from my DM until u clean that dirty ring from around your tubs.

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I cared the first time, that’s why I erased it… Now y’all hate feeds me… Keep f****** with me my jokes gets worse.”

How can one be so cruel and wicked. How can you sit back and blame the victims?

Not only did he say this mess but he was encouraging other men to join in on his hateful campaign. Who laughs at someone who is suffering because the government allowed their water to be contaminated.

Gilbert Arenas you get an F in our book. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

via – EH