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Chiquita Graham Master Barber Stylist in Charlotte NC

June 12, 2014

She has been in the cosmetology industry cutting hair for 12 years. She just strictly cut and color. She really enjoys cutting and coloring which are very tedious service in the salon. The reason why is because you have to cut according to the texture of hair and coloring you must understand the Laws in Color to be able to do the different coloring techniques. She decided this career because she likes the fact that she would never get bored because things are constantly changing. She doesn’t limit herself to just standing behind the chair. She always wanted to be a stylist. When she decided that cosmetology was the field for her she also discovered that she wanted to be an instructor. Some of the challenges she faced was dealing with the way people treated her when they find out that she is a multicultural stylist that preferred cutting and coloring Caucasian hair. She doesn’t always get the warm welcome she would like until she proves herself by doing a demo service. She would like to be respected more because she has done hair in many different areas and she feels that it’s just people not the areas . Some of her best experiences comes from working in cosmetology schools with the different students. Teaching all she know and at the same time learning from her students how to be a better instructor. Her advice to someone coming out of school that admires her and would love to follow in her footsteps is to never feel like you know everything. Things are always changing. You have to stay up on the latest and never get too comfortable. You will do yourself an injustice. She has a carefree type of style and in saying that those are the kind of styles she likes to create. She focuses on a wonderful high profile haircut and color with a very low maintains hair style. Effortless styles that you can shampoo and go, for people on the go. The main new thing that is going on in her life is that she is one of the stylists on Presidential Style Online Styling Team. Look for her in some of the up coming features. She is inspired and motivated by her children because they are the biggest influence in her life at the time. They are always proud of their mom and always carry their mothers’ legacy with them so she is creating a wonderful legacy for them to talk about for generations. Chiquita is currently in Charlotte NC. You can follow her on FB ChiquitaMadeForaBoss or hit her up if your in the area for a cut and color at 704.390.0419.