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Chopping It Up With Celebrity Barber John “JayBee” Bivins

June 4, 2014

Presidential Style caught up with Celebrity Barber JayBee in Chicago. Very successful with his long line of celebrity clients such as R Kelly, Martin Lawrence, P Diddy, Judge Mathis, Cedric the Entertainer, Rev Jesse Jackson, Steve Harvey just to name a few. Even dabbling in a little makeup he is ready to work and can take on the load from TV networks such as NBC as well as movies and photo shoots. He’s ready and always on the go. From BET to MTV you have seen his work all over. He has been featured in magazines such as Ebony and XXL. He is a very humble people. He gives God all the praise for his success. Husband, Father,Barber, Image Consultant, Educator, Philanthropist he is Celebrity Barber John “JayBee” Bivins of Premiere Grooming.


PS: How long have you been in the industry?

JB: I’ve been in the barber industry for 13 years.

PS: What made you decide this was the career for you?

JB: It actually chose me during high school. I just had to recognize and receive it as my gift and calling.

PS: What are some of the challenges you’ve had to deal with in this industry?

JB: Dealing with the average consumer is always challenging. You have to be professional at all times.

PS: What are some of the best experiences you’ve had working in this industry?

JB: Some of the best experiences of my career have been winning competitions early in my career; shop ownership and training/ mentoring barbers along with watching them grow into quality, reliable professionals.

PS: What projects/initiatives do you have coming up that you want to let our readers know about?

JB: I’m always proud of being apart of the Back to School Barber-thon. We service over 500 children with haircuts for Back to School in August at Silk N Classy Barber College in Dolton, Illinois.

PS: Any advice you would like to give those interested in entering or just getting started in this industry?

JB: I would tell them to never stop building their brands and or businesses and networking is also important.

PS: Tell us about your style, how do you express your sense of style professionally?

JB: My style is very driven, laid back, professional and focused.

PS: How can our readers keep up to date with you and all that you have going on? Social media handles?

JB: Twitter- @Jay2daBee Instagram: @jaybeebivins | Website: www.celebritybarberjaybee.com

PS: What inspires you to go into a particular project? Where does your creativity come from?

JB: I think a prepared bucket list of things to do and goals to achieve is what inspires me to enter into a certain project. Especially if it’s something I’ve never done before. My creativity comes from studying and watching others work.

PS: Is there anyone that inspired you or motivated you to become the successful person that you are today?

JB: I think the things I have accomplished inspire me, and the things I will continue to accomplish, now that I have recognized and received my gifts. Doing a greater work outside of the normal traditional barbershop also motivates me. Society says the barbershop is where the barber belongs but I believe the barber belongs where he’s needed. These are great times for barbers to do great things. I’m extremely grateful for the nontraditional mindset that I carry with me each day.