January 10, 2016

The woman who claims Chris Brown punched her in the face at a Vegas party Friday night says Chris has a lot of nerve to call her ugly and call out her past, given his own past.

Liziane Gutierrez posted a video responding to Chris’ comments about an incident with Jason Derulo, in which she went off to a TMZ photog after he wouldn’t let her go to his afterparty.

Chris says Gutierrez has a bad record of throwing allegations at celebs–including Derulo. But Gutierrez says that Chris’s track record isn’t so hot either.

Liziane also says she was definitely invited by his friends…so she must not be that ugly.



The woman accusing Chris Brown of hitting her in the face doesn’t have many fans in the hip-hop world, but her native Brazil loves her so much, they’ve asked her to reign as queen.

Liziane Gutierrez tells TMZ she was approached by organizers from the Carnaval celebration in Rio de Janeiro to be one the event’s queens. She says pics of her in a bikini on the beach with Rod StewartΒ got their attention and did the trick.

Liziane — who loves her after-parties — is going after Chris Brown for allegedly punching her in the eye at a Vegas hotel. She also made claims against Jason Derulo after he left her on the sidewalk and she watched her friends party on with him at his home.

But Liziane says she’ll be welcomed with open arms at the parade next month, when she’s decked out in a super glitzy costume … samba-ing within an inch of her life.

via – TMZ