Clash of the Titans Concert with Bobby Dollaz

October 30, 2016

Presidential Style has been following Mr, CBT Bobby CbtDollaz for about a year now.  Also, we have interviewed him on Stepping Up a couple of times. We have watched him grow in a matter of a couple of months with his T- shirt line; he now has hats, hoodies, cups and more. As well as in his music for the last couple of months and he has been touring in 12 cities.


He came up with Clash of the Titans as an idea to support other locate artist. This is a platform where artist can come do what they love and have funny building their brands.









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Special Thanks To  Calvin Thompson Presidential Style New Host

Marcus H. Ballard (Due Diligence Photography)  and Tenisha SwagHer McQueen

Be On The Look Out for Bobby Dollaz Next Event!!!!