Coming soon: Butt Shaped Vegan Nail Polish

May 6, 2016
The California based brand Bootie Babe has just launched a vegan, chemical-free nail polish line called SuperBooty. The nail lacquer collection offers 24 shades and features uniquely butt-shaped packaging.

With names like “Shiny Hiney”, “Red Riding Rump,” ”The End Is Near,” “Tears for Rears,” “Loose Caboose,” “Hella Hiney,” and “Cafe Bootay” the polishes contain no harsh chemicals or toxins.

Mark O’Hara, creator and CEO of SuperBooty, says he wants to change the way nail polish is packaged and presented.

“I noticed that many of the brands were using the same standardized bottle shapes and realized that there was a market for something more “custom” and “collectible,'” he said in a press release.“In such a crowded marketplace, I wanted to really stand out and capture attention. Women in my life think it’s cute, and they absolutely love the concept in Brazil!”

Developed by Nubar Cosmetics, SuperBooty will be for sale online and at wholesale prices for retailers at