Community Support With UNCW and Peace4thePort

December 11, 2014

As we all know black on black crime is at an all time high and families are being destroyed along with our community. Recently, community officials along side UNCW have been collaborating on how to stop the Wilmington’s youth violence. UNCW Office of Community Partnerships is working to develop strategies for a community-wide action plan in response to Wilmington’s youth violence.

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On another note, Peace4thePort is a local non profit organization that advocates for peace in the port and there goal is to stop the violence.  The port is short for North Carolina Port City and the Peace4thePort objective is to stop the violence in our Port City.  They don’t get much recognition, but they are very hands on and are constantly being proactive with the public and city officials to combat crime, police brutality, available resources to at risk youth, community togetherness and accountability. You can join their Facebook page and provide support such as, ideas for new projects and attend community meetings. Their Facebook page is However, Kevin Kong, President of Peace4thePort,  always has update meetings and events of his personal page. It may be beneficial to search him to have all up and coming event meetings.