Coronavirus, how to stay safe in the midst of a pandemic.

March 9, 2020

In the fight against the new and deadly coronavirus, the world has seen a rapid spike in cases from China, Korea, Europe, Italy and the U.S. Pharmaceutical companies and scientists around the world are working on vaccines as the death tolls steadily rise. Health officials urge people to wash your hands multiple times a day, stay out of large crowds, sanitize and wear a mask if you’re already sick. According to health officials the virus affects those with a weak immune system, and those already fighting illness the worst. You can check out the best ways to disinfect and sanitize surface areas and homes here:

Italy’s death toll has jumped to 463 confirmed cases. The prime minister of Italy has officially issued a full lock down, travel only being permitted for work or family emergencies. Read more here:

Here in the U.S. a Grand Princess cruise ship has been stuck in limbo after arriving at the Port of Oakland on Monday. The Governor started the risky business of disembarking, transporting and processing passengers who may have contacted the virus into quarantine controlled zones though eventually most of the patients will be sent to two California military bases. Read more here:

Live updates are available here: