E.A Laney Steppers Help Out Support The Port Foundation, Inc in Hopes of Making an Positive Impacting Their Community

May 17, 2016

It all went down Friday April 29 in Wilmington N.C. at DC Virgo.

Emsley A. Laney High School Steppers went up against Hanover Higs’s Dance Team and Wilmington Early College Step Team who all did a great job.  Judges included Coast 97.3.
Laney steppers who really brought their “A Game” showed up and showed out. They came home with their very first 1st place win!!! These amazing girls will be remembered in the Micheal Jordan Gymnasium forever for their will and their efforts to not give up.
My girls did their thing, although some doubted themselves the whole time. The girls won’t be doubted again!!!!!!!!! Mia Walker, Teyana Stevens, Shaniah Smith, Wynter Hairston, Staciana Mitchell, Zatia Jhonson, and Zyese Pollock.


Support The Port Foundation, Inc  fed the homeless on May 15 at StarNews parking lot as well as 5th and Castle at the Rescue Mission of Cape Fear and Downtown Wilmington Public Library, all afternoon. They served pizza and cold beverages.

They fed the homeless people that can’t get assistance from the homeless shelter. Instead they live in tents in the woods located beside StarNews parking lot (by the railroad tracks).
After they ate the foundation give out to-go bags filled with toiletry items. Support the Port hopes to shine light on homlessness and find solutions to their problems as this event takes place. Thanks Cedric Harrison for your support in the community and letting Laney’s Step Team be apart of your movement.








Learn More About These Amazing Young Ladies


My name is Zynasia Carroll I am 16 years of age. I attend Laney High School and I’m in 10th grade. I love to dance and also love to step. I am a very down to heart person. I also love to laugh and also learn a lot of things that I don’t know about. I also want to be a physician after I graduate and travel the world. I love to see everyone happy and smiling each and everyday.

My Name Is Teyana Stevens. I Am 17 Years Old In The 11th Grade. I’m Going To Be A Senior Next Year. I Really Truly Enjoy Stepping Alot! When I’m With My Girls I Feel Like Were A Big Family. I Like To Have Fun And I Speak My Mind. I Also Like Giving Advice And Talking With People.I Praise Dance For Guiding Light Ministries. I Love To Perform For People And See All The smiles From Everyone,It Makes Me Happy!

My Name Is Zatia Johnson. I am 17 Years old in the 11th grade. I Love To Sing! I Participate In A lot Of Church Events. I Love To Step. I Want To Go Along Way With Stepping. I Like Helping People Out,Its Just The Right Thing To Do!
My name is Mia Walker and I am 17 years old. I turn 18 on the 13th of July. I am currently not in school because I graduated early and for the moment until I can start my classes at CFCC I am working full time trying to the my life together. I like to dance, step, cheer, run and everything else. I am a young girl with a plate full of stuff, but when I do something that I like, that I love all the bad things fade away. I would like to openly admit that I am a weird loud and honest child and I love my self for that even when others don’t.
My name is Shaniah , I’m 16 years old in the 10th grade going to 11th. I am apart of the softball, track , basketball ,dance , and step team. I was apart of the dance express performing arts center for 11 years then I became a cheerleader for all of my middle school years . I love music and dancing and begin able to make people happy by watching my movements!! I love helping others because it makes me feel good about myself !
My name is staciana moore i am 16 years old i am the oldest out of seven . i love stepping . i started stepping because my mom use to step in her younger years. And she encouraged me to try it when i was younger so i did. I enjoy reading i love helping people and i am a very loving and open minded person even though i can be a little slow in the up take some times.
My name is Patra Hill , I’m 16 and in the 10th grade going to the 11th , I love to step. I have been stepping since I was in 7th grade at Holly Shelter Middle School. I also love helping others I used to be in a group called Fearless To Love & we did a lot of things to help the community !!!
My Name is Micah I’m 16 years old in the 10th grade going to the 11th. I am a dancer @dance express performing arts center I was a cheerleader all in middle school and now I am the captain of the E.A Laney step team. I volunteer as much as I can to make the community a better place and I love helping. I babysit kids ages new born to 12 and I love every minute I spend with them I believe in helping as much as I can, setting goals and then reaching them!!