Elizabeth Montgomery Is Embracing Wilmington NC … Who is Elizabeth Montgomery?

June 5, 2016

Elizabeth Montgomery is an amazing young woman. She is new to Wilmington NC and as been making a big impact since day one. She made her way too Wilmington NC from Atlanta GA after landing a major position as Digital News Specialist with StarNews.  You could have seen her recently Brave BootCamp at  with Khalilah T. Olokunola in Wilmington NC.  Khalilah states that this was a weekend of endurance filled with personal & professional development for women where you will be ignited, inspired , provoked, activated to walk in your next and your best in your Career, your Business, your Relationships, your Finances and  in your Life. Elizabeth was a guest speaker on the panel.


Born and raised in Atlanta, Elizabeth began my professional journalism career straight out of high school in 2005 as an intern for the Atlanta Voice Newspaper. She realized at a young age that journalism and writing were her passions and what she was called to do. She was raised in the newsroom; my seven-time Emmy Award winning father Les Montgomery has been a news editor and producer for WSB-TV and CNN for more than 40 years collectively. His passion for journalism is instilled in her. Early in her career she freelanced for print publications including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, E! News, HBCU Digest, The Atlanta Tribune Magazine, The Southern Voice, The Atlanta Voice, Sheen Magazine and she am Jmariie Magazine.
She started at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution February 2014 as a features intern covering Atlanta’s robust music, movie, arts, culture and entertainment news. The passion she have for her craft was the force behind her internship being extended twice until she was promoted to a freelancer. While at the AJC she exclusively interviewed celebrities including Usher, L.A. Reid, Babyface, Tom Jones, Jagged Edge, Robby Krieger, Ludacris, Sarah McLachlan, Tamar Braxton, Octavia Spencer, Kevin Hart, Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Nat Woff. Dignitaries including Bernice King, Sally Bethea and Laura Turner Seydel.




She broke a story on a couple married 72 years who died 6 hours apart of each other. The story went viral, accumulating more than 100,000 views on its Saturday AJC.com posting. The story has been aggregated, curated and translated to Spanish for news outlets worldwide. Her story on Savanah College of Art and Design “SCADPads” accumulated more than 300,000 views its first week on AJC.com. Elizabeth took it up a notch and spent the night in the 135 sq. ft. apartment and wrote a 1st person piece about her stay. She wrote more than 100 feature obits including for Arthur Blank’s mother, the second pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, and many more. She also worked with the Atlanta Now team at WSB-TV covering breaking news and news briefs.
Elizabeth multimedia skills are superb. She is very computer savvy, digitally inclined and highly skilled on news platforms including NewsEngin, Medley, Videolicious, Social Flow and SCC. Bringing nothing but her phone, tripod and microphone she has created a “one-man-band” set up with the ability to record video during her interviews and edit the footage on her computer or smart phone seamlessly.



Elizabeth combined her reporting, digital and social media talents as a reporter and the social media producer of The Henry Herald and The Clayton News. For these two very separate papers she covered breaking news, crime, fire, and features while simultaneously updating their six social media platforms and two websites throughout the day. She raised The Henry Herald’s social media presence from 900 post reach to 30,000 post reach on Facebook and The Clayton News from 200 post reach to 9,000 post reach.
For these two media outlets  posted clean and uniform posts to their Facebook, Twitter, created Instagram accounts and produced content there as well. Each week she provided the staff with a spread sheet of social media analytics and data Elizabeth compiled by analyzing reader traffic every day using the data platforms AdStream, Facebook Analytics, and Twitter Analytics. From that data, she tailored peak social media posting times and updated both websites with fresh content and breaking news throughout the day.
The moments she was away from the computer she produced top stories including a look back at Hurricane Katrina, NAACP protests, murder indictments, breaking news, numerous fires, crimes and police stories. She had the top story for the month of August a business fire Elizabeth tweeted, posted on Facebook and wrote the story at the scene. She also tapped back into her obituary writing and wrote the obituary for Jeannette Cathy, wife of the late Truett Kathy founder of Chick-fil-a.
She is also the Communications Chair of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists where she manage their social media accounts. Recently, she was featured in the documentary titled “THICK” by Robin D. Stone, founding editor-in-chief of Essence.com and former New Your Times editor. The documentary highlighted women’s health and the stressors that contribute to it. Elizabeth have studied Japanese since 1999, she called it a hobby.
She spent majority of the beginning of 2015 covering the unfortunate story of Bobbi-Kristina Brown as a freelancer for NBC Universal, E! News. She reported on the story and gathered information for E! News editors and on air anchors. With over 10 years of journalism experience and a passion unlike any other, She has her eyes set on the future and ready to make an impact in the field both in print and digital.


Stepping Up Interview with Presidential Style Coming Soon!!

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