Fashion Vibe Boutique Owner Diamond Jay Expo Expect with Bronner Brothers NOLA

April 5, 2019

Diamond Jay Owner of Fashion Vibe Boutique online was in attendance along with Kiffany Fennell Editor-n-Chief of Presidential Style Online at the 72nd Annual Bronner Brother Expo for some major networking. 

Lalohni Campbell, Per Se Media Group

Lalohni (LA) Campbell is founder and president of Per Se Media Group. She has a very big role in the over all success of Brother Bronner Show.

Diamond Jay with Derek J

Are you familiar with the “I know someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows someone, etc.”

Building clientele in a lot of different industries can work the exact same way, but you have to work harder to stand out. 

Diamond Jay is taking it a pond herself to take advantage of all opportunity big and small to brand her company “Fashion Vibe Boutique” as well as herself as one of the most trending fashion vibes for teens.  

Wilmington NC Hair Stylist 
Antonio Collins
Fatima Sidbury

When speaking of a fashion I mean any specialized job or freelance opportunity you may desire.  Shoot, even getting your foot in the door at the most prestigious expos or just an in town. You never know what can come of the experience and the networking.

DC Lock Stylist… Two stylist on the come up!

Diamond Jay and “Fashion Vibe Boutique” Brand Ambassador Ms. Pink. Fashion Vibe Style her the entire weekend. Check out the full article at    

Shekinah Jo and Diamond J

Shekinah Jo Anderson is an elite multitalented & thriving young business professional & Celebrity Stylist, dominating both urban hip hop & pop cultures, with impeccable beauty & style. She drops some jewels on Diamond Jay on how to get and secure the bag. 

Jessica Dupart, also known as Da Real BB Judy and Diamond Jay

Diamond Jay will be in a city near you. Follow them Instagram and  Facebook @fashionvibeboutique Shop