Female Empowerment Movement Growing through Efforts of Shareese Simmons

July 30, 2015

 Empowering women is the mission of global spiritual leader, Shareese Simmons, and she’s bringing her message of positivity and healing to women across America.

July 27, 2015 – Chicago, IL – Shareese Simmons doesn’t just preach empowerment, she is the living embodiment of it. For years, she has worked endlessly as an internationally recognized author, teacher, mentor, and most recently, as the developer and leader of the Five Star Women’s Tour.

Mrs. Simmons has written a number of well received books, including the wildly popular, ‘Women Be Healed & Made Whole’. In addition to writing, she shares her talents, as the founder of Author’s Academy, where she works with aspiring authors in ministry to develop and publish their own books.

Her latest venture is the upcoming Five Star Women’s Tour, a tour that will be visiting five major cities across the US, empowering women to better see their roles and purpose in life through spiritual growth.

When asked about this new and unique experience, Mrs. Simmons states, “We want women to understand that they are royalty in the eyes of God and that they have the power to step away from depression and suppression and into greatness.”

The goal for each attendee is to get beyond the obstacles that they are facing and to move on to be more successful, happier people.The launch event for the Five Star Women’s Tour begins July 31st in Chicago, IL.

Shareese Simmons is a global leader when it comes to personal and professional mentoring. People from near and far seek out her services for honest and results- driven advice that is based in faith and available for the real world. For more information about Shareese Simmons, her books, mentoring, or the Five Star Women’s Tour, please visit http://www.5startour.com

About Sharese Simmons: 
Shareese Simmons is many things, an advocate for the word of God, a businesswoman, a professional family crisis coach, an in-demand speaker, and spiritual trailblazer. She works tirelessly to preach the word of God, teach, and help others improve their quality of life. In addition to working as the leader and driving force behind of 5 Star Woman and Destiny Global Leadership Institute and Destiny  Global publishing, Mrs. Simmons is a dedicated mother of seven, and happily married wife to Apostle Calvin Simmons.

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