Founder of the Creative Juice Company Gets “J.I.V.E.” When It Comes to Your Health

April 1, 2015



The Creative Juice Company believes that “Health is Wealth” and has built a strong local following based on this concept. The company is now serving the corporate community by delivering fresh, raw juices direct to local businesses.

The Creative Juice Company, and its founder Tamala Austin, are getting “J.I.V.E.” about corporate health. The company concocts some of the world’s finest, most nutrition packed and delicious juicing products.  Since several human resource and medical studies reflect data that preventative medicine boots business productivity, and overall quality of life, The Creative Juice Company is now available to deliver, stock and provide fresh juices to businesses within the Texas area.

“The J.I.V.E. acronym stands for Juicing Is Very Essential.  We live in a Super-Sized culture that is addicted to sugar, fast foods, and is blinded by gimmicks. Not only do my company’s products taste good, they’re natural and can help prevent everything from the common cold to fatigue, which is why I started the J.I.V.E. at work program. Regular consumption of the juices may help prevent unnecessary PTO days and boot employee productive and health,” said Tamala Austin.

The Creative Juice Company has a line of J.I.V.E. products that range from regular juices to smoothies, teas, detoxification beverages and much more.  J.I.V.E.  H20 is also a popular personal or corporate product. It’s a series of flavor infused waters that stem from natural ingredients designed to refresh and hydrate.

“Juices are absorbed almost immediately into your body, thus supplying needed vitamins and minerals. Cooking vegetables removes a lot of their nutritional value, but juicing saves these vitamins and minerals. Therefore, you get mega-doses of vitamins and minerals with our exclusive products. Store bought bottled juices can’t compare,” finished Austin.

Members are the media are invited to try the J.I.V.E. at Work program upon qualification. The Creative Juice Company will set-up, stock, and deliver an assortment of products for a media room’s staff to enjoy and sample for a week.  An initial demonstration explaining the benefits, along with a Q&A with Tamala Austin, will also be arranged.

The Creative Juice Company was started by Tamala Austin after a minor health scare. Austin started cold-pressing juices in her kitchen, serving the delicious concoctions to friends and family. After the demand spread from family and friends, Austin knew more people were seeking out quality beverages that provided health benefits at a reasonable price.  Since its inception, The Creative Juice Company has teamed up with The American Heart Association and other like-minded, pro-health organizations.