From Me To The Universe……By Tasha Johnson

July 7, 2014



When you read this sentence what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Most people are probably wondering, what do you mean from me to the universe?  How could that happen and if it could happen how is it even possible?  Well its simple, your tongue and brainpower.  As most of us know the tongue is a very powerful source.  Everything we speak and think out of our mouths has to go somewhere, so it goes out into the universe.  The awesome but tricky part about this is everything we say comes back to us.  So, I’m going to take some time to break a few things down.  Have you ever been thinking to yourself and a certain person ran across your mind, then maybe a few days later you run into this person and the first thing you tell them is, ‘I was just thinking about you’?  Was this by chance?  No.  Our thoughts and ways of thinking are very powerful.  When you think positive thoughts there will always be positive results around you.  Once you allow negativity to invade your thoughts next you will be thinking to yourself ‘what is going to happen next or why does this keep happening’?  This will continue to happen until you change your way of thinking.  Once you realize that you are on a path to thinking positive there is NO room for any type of negativity to take place.  From a scientific point of view negatives and positives cannot go together.  That is true in the life that we live on a day- to- day basis.  Our positive thoughts supersede any type of negativity that may try to present itself.  On the other side of this be careful as to what you think about others.  The same way that person you were thinking about came to you, so will whatever thoughts you have thought about another person.  So once you begin to think about a person remember those thoughts get projected into the universe and they will make their way back to you.  The universe and the human being are great examples of how our thoughts affect us on a daily basis.  We see this when we watch movies, T.V. and plays as well as inventions and ideas that are being produced.  Someone has to think on these things in order for it to become a product or for it to be seen and that is how things are created.  We create the environment around us and we create the majority of our life situations and circumstances. It’s like a game of baseball.  We are the batter and the universe is the catcher, we are hitting the ball (thoughts) and the universe receives them in whatever way we send them out then it returns them to us.

via – Tasha Johnson