Health and Wellness with Dr. Catherine Emeruwa: Exploring Alternative Medical Treatment

May 5, 2014

Dr. Catherine Emeruwa, a Board Certified Family Practice Physician, began her journey in the medical industry in 1988. The child of a Nigerian microbiologist father and Jamaican nurse mother, it only made sense that she too followed in the footsteps of her parents. Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Emeruwa’s journey in medicine has led her through Africa, Europe, Jamaica, Canada and the United States. Dr. Cathy, as she’s known, now resides in Peachtree City, Georgia where she heads the Rejuvenation and Wellness Center with two location offerings in the metro-Atlanta area.

 Dr. Cathy has experienced medical issues herself, including depression and high blood pressure, so her commitment to health and wellness is stronger than ever. Declaring to never want to experience these illnesses again, she remains focused and driven, “ready to conquer the world and reach for the stars.”

 What makes Dr. Cathy so great is her dedication to alternatives to traditional prescription medication. Focusing on prevention rather than treatment, she believes that it is important to teach patients how to minimize their risk of illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Emeruwa focuses her efforts on mind energy healing and herbal healing, both of which are alternatives to prescription medication. For those already battling health issues, Dr. Cathy and a medical colleague want to channel their patients minds to heal themselves, show them how to turn off the pain, how to lower blood sugar and high blood pressure using your mind. They have received great results from teaching people about different hormones that exist, the importance of balanced hormones and the importance of deep sleeping. Deep sleeping is a result of balanced hormones and is a key factor in channeling your mind to be well rested.

Currently living in the south, Dr. Cathy finds that the food-driven culture can be a challenge when dealing with health issues. While it is a known fact that southerners love their food, she wants to help change that love to respect. She compares it to relationships among people:

 “It’s like the love of a man or woman. You have to know when to say when. You can give it your all. He or she can learn you and destroy you. Learn to balance the relationship with your food.”

Dr. Cathy is passionate about her work and patients. Her greatest joy lies in the appreciation and gratitude of those she has worked with in saving their lives or the lives of loved ones. Positive feedback is what continues to motivate her to change the way we think, feel and deal with health and wellness.

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