Hometown Hires Program Gifts Mom With Car with Jamir Jumoke

December 12, 2014

Hard work and perseverance have paid off for a Wilmington woman who received a car Monday.

Bianca Brockington, 26, is a single mother of three who participated in the Hometown Hires program.

Hometown Hires, an initiative based out of the United Way of the Cape Fear Area, seeks to combat joblessness and poverty across generations. Brockington received the car in recognition of her dedication during the program’s training and mentorship curriculum, which ultimately helped her find a job at PPD.


“I feel so blessed and knowing that me and my children won’t be in the cold anymore to get to wherever I need to get,” she said. “I’m so excited. I’m thankful.”

Prior to working with Hometown Hires, Brockington said she struggled finding employment opportunities and mobility. It was often difficult for her to get to job interviews.

Jamir Jumoke, Hometown Hires’ program manager, said such obstacles often cause qualified, motivated employees to miss out on opportunities.

“We kind of like to practice a 360 model, where we kind of attack all those barriers from every side,” he explained.

Hometown Hires has been operational for approximately one year, and has helped close to 100 workers find jobs. The program recently partnered with Vertex Rail, the manufacturer that announced last month it would bring operations and more than 1,300 jobs to Wilmington. About ten percent of Vertex hires will be identified through Hometown Hire.


“It doesn’t matter where you come from. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through,” Jumoke said. “If you’re given an opportunity, if you’re the right person for the right position, you will excel.”

Brockington is now focused on her next set of goals, including taking her children on their first family vacation and enrolling in cosmetology school. She said Hometown Hires has helped open up her possibilities.

“They gave me a lot of opportunities…just knowing that there’s a lot of opportunities out there and there’s someone who’s willing to help you.”

Brockington’s car was contributed by a donor, who has been looking to offload it and chose to remain anonymous.


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