How Do You Feel Woman Posts Picture Of Breastfeeding Baby At Graduation?

June 10, 2014

Breastfeeding, this has become a topic  worldwide that has been spreading like fire.  Some commend it while others are against it.  How can something so natural be taken out of context ,where as we see sex ads, sex appeals, and sexual content on a day to day basis.  A young lady recently took to the social media and expressed herself by breastfeeding her baby at her graduation ceremony.  She has received good views and bad views from people all around the world.  Here we have a young African American lady to graduate from higher studies so that she may get further in life for her child as well as herself.  At the same time this was in social media circulation we have a well known celebrity walking around half naked with a sheer gown on receiving an award.  What message are we sending though to our youth.

by Tasha Johnson


Breastfeeding is a natural and good thing for a baby, but location, location, location.

A California woman is getting mixed reviews for posting a photo of herself breastfeeding her child at college graduation.

Karlesha Thurman, 25, said her daughter helped motivate her through college and thanked everyone for sharing her proud moment.

She said it wasn’t her moment. It was their moment.

She’s received some backlash from the photo – another of several viral stories involving unusual spots to breastfeed.