In Hollywood East News…….20 Locally Filmed Movie Titles Lost In Translation

October 9, 2014

“The Devil’s Hand” hits video-on-demand Friday, although Wilmywood residents may know the locally filmed project by one of its many working titles, including “The Occult,” “Where the Devil Hides,” and “The Devil’s Rapture.” It’s not uncommon for a movie to go by multiple monikers, a condition further complicated by international releases that find certain concepts difficult to express in other cultures and languages. While the titles for a number of flicks with roots in the area have held up abroad – “Blue Velvet” is “Blue Velvet” everywhere, and who knew The Muppets were such a globally embraced brand? – more than a few miss the mark, while others upstage their domestic identities.


1. “Firestarter” lit the flames for the Wilmington film scene, but in France this 1984 release went by “Charlie,” the character played by Drew Barrymore.MSDFIRE EC008


2. The 1985 Mickey Rourke neo-noir “Year of the Dragon” was dubbed “Manhattan Massacre” in West Germany.

year of the

3. In Finland, Hannibal Lecter was introduced in the 1986 film “Psychopath on the Trail,” aka “Manhunter” in the U.S.


4. “It Began without Warning!” is what the Austrians called the 1986 Stephen King adaptation “Maximum Overdrive.”




5. Spoiler alert: The literal-minded Dutch get right to the point, re-badging 1989’s “Weekend at Bernie’s” as “Three Fun Days with a Dead Man!”


6. 11Much of the world dropped one or more adjectives from 1990’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Hungary and Germany both opted for simply “Turtles.”


7. Alan Alda’s 1990 rom-com “Betsy’s Wedding” was known as “Sour Parent” in Hungary.


8. The 1993 Nicolas Cage and Samuel L. Jackson vehicle “Amos & Andrew” picked up the dramatic name “King of all Kidnappings” in Finland.



9. “The Hudsucker Proxy” being a little vague, the Italians called this 1994 Coen brothers flick “Mister Hula Hoop” after the Tim Robbins character.


10. “Sex, Rock and Confusion,” is what Brazilians called 1995’s “Empire Records.”



11. “I Know What You Did Last Summer” held up in France with the equally ominous “The Pact of Silence” on marquees in 1997.


i no


12. The Portuguese arguably win this game, re-branding 1994’s “The Road to Wellville” as “Sex and Corn Flakes.”

the road


13. Spaniards severely truncated 2002’s “The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood,” opting instead for “Clan Ya Ya.”

ya ya


14. The 2002 teen romance/cancer drama “A Walk to Remember” was known alternately as “Time in the Wind” and “Only with You” in Germany.

a walk


15. The Germans also re-badged 2006’s “The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys” as “Lost Heaven.”


16. The translation’s a little choppy, but 2006’s “Idlewild” went by the more esoteric “There Once Was a Different America” in Hungary.



17. Jason Schwartzman starred as the titular character in 2009’s “The Marc Pease Experience,” known as “Direct to Fame” in Spain and “A Microphone for Two” in Italy.”


18. “A Traditional Orgy” doesn’t have quite the same ring as “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy,” but that’s what French-speaking Canadians knew this 2011 film as.


19. “We’re the Millers” received a punny treatment in France, where it dubbed “The Millers, a Budding Family.”


20. We can’t help but think the Portuguese missed the point, renaming 2012’sPiranha 3DD as “Piranha XXL.”

– Paul Stephen


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