[Interview] Fredrick Alanzo …Signed Sealed and Delivered Atlanta Premiere

June 8, 2015


 Congratulations On An Successful Premiere In Atlanta GA




A story of betrayal, love, redemption, and forgiveness. . . .King-Pin, Mack Biggs, played by actor and Houston’s own Jay Barnett, sets out to share the Gospel of Christ after serving 10 years of his 30 year prison sentence . . . due to drug trafficking, money laundering & attempted murder. Now a professed Christian, Mack Biggs come home WITHOUT notice . . . to only be set up for the unexpected!  How will it affect his faith in God?  And how will he pass the test to prove to other that he has truly been delivered?

Signed, Sealed & Delivered is rated PG-13




ABOUT THE DIRECTOR:                                   fa

In April of 2001. Fredrick Alanzo made his first directional debut directing the hit gospel stage play, “When Daddy Got Saved,” in Fort Worth, TX.  The play sold out to a record crowd of over 2,000 people and fueled Fredrick’s interest in writing, directing & producing.  In 2001, Fredrick completed his first written play entitled “Signed, Sealed & Delivered–Jesus I’m Your’s” and with the help of five business partners formed the company ELE, Eternal Life Entertainment, LLC.

From 2003-2005, the stage play did not have much success–only selling 35 tickets in Shreveport, LA and 72 tickets in Fort Worth, TX.  It would be in 2007 when Fredrick revisited Fort Worth with a stronger cast and sold out two performances in two weeks, Fredrick would move to write two theatrical productions, and three screen plays to include the soon to be released movie “Signed, Sealed & Delivered.”  With God at the center of his life, Fredrick Alanzo continues to use his time, gifts and talents for the advancement of the Kingdom.

Eternal Life Entertainment, LLC embraces quality entertainment by providing only the best in performances.  They believe that with God’s help through various productions, the entertainment company will continue to inspire, witness and lead people to a better way of life through Jesus Christ.


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