Introducing – Jodi LaBossiere – Beauty Expert

February 14, 2015
Introducing new beauty expert  Jodi LaBossiere
Definitely Not Your Typical Girl Next Door – At the age of fourteen, she became the youngest Avon lady on the block, knocking on the doors of her mother’s friends and showing them how to look and feel beautiful. This part-time job started her off in the health and beauty industry and over the last three decades she has honed her skills and worked with some of the world’s top cosmetic chemists, makeup artists, doctors, and entrepreneurs.

The Model – She has had a successful modeling career for more than 30 years (appearing on countless magazine covers). When most models simply rely on their past achievements to declare themselves “Beauty or Skincare Experts” – she hit the books and earned a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She is also a licensed esthetician and is working towards her doctorate in Asian Metaphysics.

TV and Radio – As a beauty expert she has been featured on numerous TV shows (Fox News, CKY TV, CKND TV) to give tips and tricks that will help anyone become the most beautiful woman they know. As a regular guest host on Shop NBC, she has been seen in more than 75 million homes across America and many more millions worldwide.
The Beauty Queen – She is a decorated pageant girl with hundreds of wins (local, regional, national, and international) under her belt. She believes in always putting your best face forward not matter what you are doing, and she can help you put your best face forward too.

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