Introducing – Zig Gruz – Liberator Art Brand

March 2, 2015

Introducing my new client Zig Gruz and his company Liberator Art

Liberator Art Brand (LAB) offers the world’s only safe and secure art investments that come with a 10 year worldwide return guarantee and free financial protection.

Their art can shield and preserve your money from lawsuits, creditors, relatives, and any other legal, personal, economic or political challenges.

LAB produces the artwork of talented emerging artists under their own brand. Normally art investments are very risky, not practical, and only for the wealthy. They have revolutionized the way people can invest in art by making it affordable, safe, and desirable. Artworks range in price from $500 to $500,000, catering to all levels of investors.

LAB art ownership is the best financial liberation vehicle of all time. LAB art investors have 10 years to decide if they want to keep their artwork or they can return them at anytime and from anywhere in the world.

In addition to a safe art investment opportunity, LAB art owners can profit from LAB’s unique free benefits. Here are just some of LAB’s art ownership features that you can take advantage of:

•Free financial protection for all funds used to purchase LAB’s art pieces.
•No need for foreign bank accounts – LAB offers a better, faster, and easier alternative.
•No need to hide money – LAB offers a better and more flexible alternative.
•Ownership can be anonymous and it is easily transferable.
•Ownership can offer a better alternative to a prenuptial agreement and save your marriage.
•Ownership can protect and preserve your money until and during retirement.
•Ownership can protect your money from lawsuits, creditors, relatives, criminals, and bad governments.
•Ownership can protect and preserve your money in case of economic and political crises.
•For only 25% out of pocket cost, individuals can benefit from 100% art ownership and 100% financial protection, by using up to 75% – no qualifying loan with LAB art as sole security.
•Business and money making opportunities.

LAB art ownership offers very easy, fast, and painless answers to many difficult and previously insurmountable problems.

Let me know if you are interested in learning more about how LAB can benefit you and I will coordinate a call or a meeting with Zig, the owner and mastermind behind this revolutionary approach to investing.

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