Ivana, Ivanka & Eric Trump Talk Donald’s Presidential Run (Exclusive)

September 26, 2015

Donald Trump’s kids and ex-wife are speaking out on their father’s presidential run.

Access Hollywood chatted with Ivana, Ivanka and Eric Trump at the Annual Eric Trump Foundation Golf Invitational & Auction Dinner, which raised more than $2.2 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where Ivana said Donald has a “big chance” of winning the White House.

“Donald is Donald. He’s going to do exactly what he wants to do, say exactly what he wants to say. He’s not going to mince words, quite frankly. Donald is doing his thing, and he has his charm and if he wins – and I think he will – he’s going to run the country as a business and this is what the country needs,” Ivana, who was married to the real estate mogul from 1977 to 1992, told Access.

“He’s a great negotiator… I think he will be a great president,” she continued. “The country needs somebody with courage and [somebody who]can achieve certain goals and America has to become better, because we are really in a deep hole. Other countries, they don’t respect America, don’t respect our President. I think [Donald’s] outspoken, and they see courage… anything that Donald touches turns to gold. I think there is a big, big chance [for him]to win.”

Daughter Ivanka spoke to Access about what her famous father passed on to her and her siblings while growing up.

“I think about this a lot being a parent myself now, how he instilled discipline and hard work and focus and passion into us,” she explained. “He was just an amazing father and I have great parents all around. My mother is a remarkable human being. And I feel very fortunate.”

Son Eric couldn’t be happier with his dad’s campaign to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

“I’m incredibly proud of him. He’s winning in every single poll. He’s shaking it up. He’s saying what everybody thinks, but is afraid to say,” Eric told Access. “He’s kind of the anti-politician… and he would do a phenomenal job. But listen, he’s built an incredible company. He would do an incredible job as the leader of this nation.”

Eric told Access that he and his family would be more than ready to support their father if he were to win.

“We’ll be behind the scenes. We’ll be running our great company [and]he’d be doing great things all over the world. He’d be doing great things for this country,” he continued. “We’re ready, there’s no question. He was meant for that job and he will do a great job.”