Jamir Jumoke Presents The Transition…. Newest Addition to Presidential Style

September 10, 2014

Presidential Style is working on a new project and felt the need to bring in one of the NC’s finest Jamir Jumoke. With may different talents, his talent in the music industry stands out very vividly. Originally from Jacksonville NC now residing in Wilmington NC, he is devoted to his community. From the youth to the elderly, he is in the mist of developing a program that can help many people in need.






Spiritual, social, conscious movement best describes his music. Catering to many walks of life. His music has meaning. He tell his testimony within his music. From start to finish he unleashes him transition in life through poetry with harmony. He was born and raised in a small community in Jacksonville NC called Du’ Drop. He gets a lot of he inspiration from there.







You can follow Jamir Jumoke with Presidential Style has his story unfolds. You can keep up with him  daily on Facebook “Jamir Godson Jumoke”.