Keyshia Cole Breaks Silence On Lesbian Rumors & How Her Failed Marriage Changed Her Perspective On Love Silence On Lesbian Rumors & How Her Failed Marriage Changed Her Perspective On Love

July 27, 2014

Keyshia Cole has officially let the cat out of the bag. There will be no more wondering..  She sat down with WGCI radio and told it all.  From her lesbian soaked lyrics in her song “She” to her pending divorce to Boobie Gibson.  Check out the highlights of the interview below.

To start out the interview Keyshia said: You know you just get to a point in love, where you just don’t want to be there anymore.

The song “She” was actually a big hint that something was wrong in Keyshia’s marriage. it hinted that since Boobie had broken Keyshia’s heart she’d taken up refuge in the arms of a woman.  But Keyshia says the lyrics are actually about learning to find herself again after separating from her husband of 3 years. 

“I had to get familiar with myself so I think that song is really, in essence of what that song ‘She’ is about,” Keyshia told WGCI radio during a recent interview. “It’s getting to know yourself. I know people think it’s about girl-on-girl action, which it was at first, and then I kinda switched the lyrics around a little bit.”


keyshia cole boobie gibson

Concerning her separation, Keyshia also addressed how preparing to go through a divorce has changed her perspective on love and relationships. The next time around, Keyshia says she will place a higher value on being a man’s friend first.

“It’s no way of getting around not knowing if somebody is ready or not,” she explained. “That’s the whole thing about friendship. Whoever I end up with, I’ve been praying that he’s my friend first. If you think about being friends, you’re not going to go and get them hit up. You not gone put them in a situation where you gone get them shot. You ain’t gone put me in a situation where you make another woman think she got something over me. If we friends and you really love me like you say you do, it’s certain things you’re not going to do out of respect.”

Keyshia has yet to actually file for divorce.. Boobie is waiting on her to do it.  He told TMZ: 

 “She would have to do it. I am a Christian. I believe in ’til death

Breaking up is hard to do, Keyshia says she’s been hitting the gym hard to keep herself from focusing on the pending divorce

 Keyshia Cole Working Out

“Gym, yeah. Just trying to eat better. I did a fast for about 4-5 days…just juicing. I actually loved it. I go in the steam room before I work out for about 10-15 minutes then go work out for about 2 -3 hours then go pick up my son from school and get back to my motherly duties. Right now, working. Trying to stay focused.”

Although Keyshia is very blessed, she’s had a very rough life.. I think many of us identify with her because she’s obviously a strong woman to have come so far.  I remember back when she first married Boobie in September, 2011.  I was really happy that she’d found love and some type of peace in her life..  Now 3 years later it’s already over. This is the singer’s first merry go round with marriage.. Hopefully cupid hits her again and gives her a loving relationship, based upon friendship that will last. 

In addition  I agree on being friends first and not letting another person come into your relationship and feel like they have something over you. Men always want a woman to be loyal to them, but how about being loyal to your woman..  I wish Keyshia the best.

via-  Celebrity Gossip