King Gorgeous Breaks Down 420 Principles of Values in New Book

August 31, 2015
King Gorgeous Breaks Down Dictionary Into a Wealth of 420 Words

Oakland, CA born King Gorgeous has released an innovative e-book “The 420 Principles of Values” highlighting what he deems the most principle driven words in the dictionary. The recording artist, inventor, designer-turned author has dissected Webster’s word source, extrapolating an empowering value based selection of 420. He asserts that readers can re-learn, reassess and incorporate these words into everyday vocabulary from his fresh perspective.
Born Carlos Seggara, King Gorgeous was reared in a family that places emphasis on values and morals and creates a foundation for strong communication. Drawing on his upbringing as well as experience in youth choirs, working with charitable organizations, navigating the rough streets of Oakland and serving in the US Army he developed a passion for understanding people and intrigue for the words we use to convey thoughts.
According to King Gorgeous, “Words are weapons and…definitions are answers and tools to be added to our arsenal”. By increasing linguistic skills and challenging ourselves with a different use of language; students and even those looking for a second chance in life, will find rehabilitation of the mind when putting to use the clear and value based words included in The 420 Principles of Values.
Currently available in digital reading format on Amazon for a limited discount price of $6.20, the unique layout of this book is one of its many charming features. The author elaborates, “There is no beginning and no end…you can read it front to back, back to front, use it as a self-education tool or commit to learning a word of the day”. Finding inspiration and self-growth in the breakdown of these words and meanings is what the author aspires the reader to. Teaming up with brilliant editor Kristin Scearce has launched this composition to new heights.
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