Kynklub and Support the Port Presents the 5th Annual Christmas Charity Talent Show

December 12, 2016

Kynklub and Support the Port Presents the Christmas Charity Talent Show!

Hosted by Anthony Jones! Music by Sandra Themiddaymiss!

Entry was $10 without a Toy and $3 if you bring one!

This was a TOY DRIVE so they asked to PLEASE BRING A TOY! Needless to say people really showed their support!

If you want to be a sponsor, a vendor , perform, in furture events or need assistance for children ages 2-7 email Kwanishia Nelson  at KYNNELSON@GMAIL.COM

 Ty Respus with Let Ty Tell It  was on site this year.  

Kwanishia’s 5th Annual Christmas Charity Talent Show! I just love a good cause and I’m so glad I attending such an amazing event last night. It was held at DREAMS of Wilmington and the building was PACKED full of talent, love, and support. Ms. Kwanishia Nelson started this event five years ago to help families in need at Christmas. Last night was a success, many came and donated toys along with having a good time watching local talent perform. Shout out to everyone that took part in this event including Support The Port organization, DJ Sandra “MiddayMiss” McClammy, rapper Makyn’ze “Kyn” Nelson, and many others. If you would like to donate to this cause contact Kwanishia Nelson. #LetTyTELLIT #ChristmasTalentShow #KynClub#SupportThePort #Charity #SupportAGoodCause #PortCity (LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE)






 Congratulations on another amazing year!