[LIVE 4 R.E.D.] Join Live4R.E.D.’s 2nd Annual AIDS WALK WILMINGTON on June 27th 2015

June 9, 2015

Last Friday, PresidentialStyleOnline attended a Live4R.E.D. event at the Reggae Hut in Downtown, Wilmington, N.C.  The Live4R.E.D.- Research, Educate and Dream is a HIV/AIDS Non-Profit Organization founded by Ms. Latesha Sarley Sidbury. 


Latesha Sarley Sidbury, founder of this great organization is dedicated to reaching as many individuals as possible via awareness on this deadly and spreading disease.  According to UnicefUSA.org, 2.1 million adolescents ( 10-19 years) were living with HIV in 2013. This epidemic is real; and it is very important to educate and spread the word on abstinence and/or safe sex because 1 out of 6 people do not know their HIV status.


Cayenne King Friday June 5th 2015 The Reggae Hut Wilmington North Carolina.




HIV infection has had a demoralizing impact on the Caribbean Diaspora and the Caribbean-American communities throughout the United States. Caribbean-American communities reveal significant health disparities, and have identified HIV/AIDS and inadequate access to health care as major health issues in this population.






Photo Credit  Jerome Mack


Join Live4R.E.D.’s 2nd annual AIDS WALK WILMINGTON on June 27th 2015. Continue to visit their Facebook page at Live4RED for more information on donating and the upcoming AIDS WALK WILMINGTON.


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