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Make-Up For Winter Colouring

January 15, 2015

As a Winter, you will look noticeably better with make-up. I know because I’m a Winter too! We find it hard to do a natural look with our make-up because our colouring comes alive with strong contrasting colours. But we are the only season that can really do black well – so it has its perks too!




How can you tell if you’re a Winter?

There is a brightness in your colouring. Contrasting cool colours will work really well for you. You may have mid to dark colouring, but there will always be some contrast (a mix of light, dark and bright eyes) in your colouring. Soft colours will look washed out on you and warm colours will turn your skin yellow.  Your colours are best-described as ‘jewel’ colours; other words to describe your colours are rich, strong, sharp, icy and cool.

There are a variety of ‘colourings’ that fit into the Winter palette. Although you are better in bright colours you may be near the borderline with bright and soft. Or you may be near the borderline on the warm/cool scale and may be good in the warmer end of your palette.

Winter types include:

  • Ice Winter – good in cool icy colours
  • Snow White/True Winter – good in the mid tones, need lots of contrast
  • Burnished Winter – good in the deepest, softest end of the palette eg. stone, mole, burgundy, dark green
  • Deep Winter – good in the deepest end of the palette
  • “Sprinter” – borderline between Winter and Spring. You’re so good in bright colours, you can even get away with them if they are a bit warm eg. Bright pink, turquoise, bright red

It may be confusing to place yourself exactly so you know which sets of colours best suit you. That is why, despite all this advice, I always recommend seeing one of our trained Colour Consultants to help you understand how to make the most of your colouring. It’s an investment you won’t regret and it will last you a lifetime! Never forget, your colouring is unique and individual. You are more beautiful than you think.

If you’re not sure about colours, how they work or importantly how they work for you take a look at this handy guide.

Make-up for Winter Colouring

The colours in your palette have a cool undertone and are mainly bright. The colours range from light to dark. Your colours include royal purple, royal blue, electric blue, fuchsia, bright red, turquoise, emerald green and burgundy.

Your best neutrals are black, charcoal grey and navy blue, paired with white.

Think – cool, clear and contrasting!

Lipstick for Winter Colouring

If you have Winter colouring and you’re new to lipstick, it can be a bit of a shock! To begin with you may feel that the lipsticks are very bright. I can assure you that when others look at you they won’t see “bright lipstick” – they will see you looking beautiful and well with all your features ‘in focus’.

Have a read of ‘the six surprising benefits of lipstick’ to understand more how lipsticks work.

The challenge for Winters is to find a nude lipstick, closer in colour to your natural skin tone so it doesn’t appear so “bright”. In fact Winters are better with more colour than nude, but if you want to do a nude colour, or you are young and want to keep a natural look, you have three possible options:

  1. Wearing natural lip gloss on its own is great for the young or for a very natural look. It defines the lips but doesn’t add colour.
  2. Pink Jasmine can work as a nude on some Winters.
  3. Combine Burgundy with the natural lip gloss. This is my favourite and what I tend to do when I’m doing a ‘Saturday at home’ look. Simply pick up a bit of the Burgundy on the end of the lip gloss brush applicator, click the gloss pen to release some gloss and apply. The great thing about Burgundy is that in small quantities it is very similar to natural lip colour.

For your pinks try Fuchsia or Mulberry or Pink Sorbet.  If you are at the softer end of the palette you might like to try Raspberry too.

For your reds try Cranberry or  Cherry.

For your browns and roses try Burgundy.

Blusher for Winter Colouring

If your colouring is light to medium you will be best in Cyclamen or English Rose.

If your colouring is medium you will be best in English Rose or Wild Rose.

If your colouring is medium to dark you will be best in Wild Rose or Cool Spice.


Eye Make-up for Winter Colouring

The best eyeliner and definition colours are going to be Grape, Graphite (dark), Smoke (for a lighter look) and Forest.

For your base shadow you can choose from Jasmine, Dusk, Silver, Sky, Pearl or Sand.

For your ‘colour’ add in Lilac, Smoke or Cornflower.


Foundation for Winter Colouring

It is always best to match this to your skin tone rather than base this on your season.


I hope that helps and that you enjoy your beautiful colouring – remember there is no one like you, you are unique and so is your colouring.


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