[Media Recap] The First Girls Talk a POSITIVE Monthly Event For Young Girl was a Success

September 19, 2016

Mira Bell Remarks !!

It was all a dream….literally this was a beautiful dream because, from beginning to end God showed me provision of His people and provision for everything needed with no lack….everything overflowing!

In August, I laid in the bed after looking at something so disturbing it made me go to Facebook and post a status….from that status a seed was planted.

My favorite scripture in the Bible is Isaiah 61 The Year of the Lord’s favor… I can not thank these ladies enough I absolutely loved every minute, their dedication from the very first meet up to our first event yesterday PEDICURES AND CUPCAKES EVENT was a success and it’s all because of His works.

Thank you again to Jervay Community for allowing us to host such a wonderful event. Thank you all the sponsors near and far for having no motive other than to sow into good ground for our girls. Because of your giving we were able to provide these girls with the essentials to be beautiful, confident, and leaders of their community you should be proud.

-Sheree & Co. Consignment Boutique Renee Amore
-Martin Luther King Center of Wilmington
-Dixon Realty Brenda Carlton Dixon
-One Badd Apple Amina Smith
-NineTen NineDime NineTen NineDime
-Serving The Streetz Prince Jamel Morgan
-Sephora of JC Pennys Wilmington, NC
-Glory Strandz Omni Benjamin
-G.I.R.L Cassandra McNeil
-Beautiful Tresses Coquitta Tootoo

And many others in the community who gave unselfishly of their time and money to make Pedicures and Cupcakes a great event, thank you everyone who prayed for me and with me the prayers of the righteous available much.








Praise moment…. I asked God to bless the Girl Talk event, I also asked God to direct me to wise counsel because I wanted to make sure I was leading these girls in the right direction…. Lastly, I stated a number to serve and THAT was 50 girls total who would attend Pedicures and Cupcakes Event, well just to give ya’ll a breakdown of how my God provided not only did He give us the venue of our choice FREE of charge, He provided me with 25 helping hands that day not to mention the women who couldn’t 





make it which is well over 40 volunteers total….God brought me very wise counsel men and women who wanted nothing more than to SERVE our community girls, and with donations from every direction God provided, and finally I asked and wrote down my vision for 50 girls to attend Pedicures and Cupcakes, with nothing other than social media and Word of Mouth promotion….. we had a line wrapped around the building at 11am with girls ready to learn more about themselves…. GOD BLESSED US WITH 52+ GIRLS WHO CAME OUT SATURDAY… it was beautiful to see this vision come to pass but, when you have faith as little as a mustard seed these are the fruits and harvest you reap. Thank you God for working with me on me and preparing me for your service. I know I was molded to this woman for a reason. God has a role for you with your name on it, trust that He is able to provide whatever He places you up against. Go through whatever because it’s a preparation step to the next



“Ask, and God will give to you. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will open for you. Yes, everyone who asks will receive. Everyone who searches will find. And everyone who knocks will have the door opened.
Matthew 7:7-12


Next Event will be PINK DREAMS AND GIRL TALK FOR OCTOBER 29TH in Wilmington NC Creekwood Community Center stay tuned!