Mira Bell is honored to serve with the amazing Girl Talk Movement Brand Ambassadors & Sponsors in the ultimate girls’ workshop!

January 24, 2019

This past Saturday, I was honored to serve with the amazing Girl Talk Movement Brand Ambassadors in the ultimate girls workshop!

“A Night In Glitter” Girl Talk Movement Pajama Party

In the beginning, the girls had to participate in a fear facing assignment where they had to greet everyone there and remember something about each girl.

They also walked the Affirmation Runway and declared positive “I AM STATEMENTS”

They showed us the latest dances, as well as enjoyed open conversation and girl talk.

In the end, we did what we do best with our round chair discussion, and that’s enjoy GIRL TALK on the issues of body shaming and how to be a good friend.

We ate pizza and desserts, then created 2019 Vision Setting Boards to hang up in their rooms.

Overall, the girls had a ball and so did WE!

I just want to take a moment to personally thank everyone who made this night possible.

We also decorated glitter frames to remind each girl of this special night.

Brenda Carlton Dixon of “Get That Deed” & Emily Dixon for their support and sponsorship

Rochelle Britton Allen of Elegant Events who did an outstanding job with the decor

Amina Smith-Willis for sponsoring our candy apples

Shaquana Brown for the amazing cupcakes

Christacia Mason for our balloon tower!

Tina Murphy of Beautiful Beginnings Boutique

Marchell Carmichael of Signature Shoes & Accessories

Larnetta Williams & Peter Williams of HOME of JADE Dance Team

Christopher Everett of Speller Street Films

Myiesha Gore of Epitome Makeup

Corey Young for the amazing photography and sponsorship of our photoshoot to the winner of the Affirmation Runway!

Big Thank You Shyan Kinsey for your beautiful venue! Shyan’s Place!

And A Special Thank You to my Ambassadors! 
Candace Williams Kagney Shantee Ebony J Jones Tmbktu Ali MaShonia Beatty Jones

To all the parents who allowed your daughters to participate and supported us we truly thank you and greatly appreciate you all so much!

Please look out for our next GIRL TALK WORKSHOP SATURDAY, MARCH 16TH