Mira Bell’s Q&A Interview on the New Movie “Un-Break My Heart” with Towanda Braxton “The Responsible One”

January 24, 2016


Mira Bell



Mira Bell : What was the deciding factor for Toni making her life and career into a Lifetime production?

Towanda Braxton : Honestly, I think Toni was just ready to tell her story from her point of view. Because she had to stay silent for 10 years! At first, she didn’t want to talk about it, but I think it was therapeutic for her to tell her story. She penned a memoir titled “Unbreak My Heart” first, before she was approached about doing the film for TV.

Mira Bell : What interested you into taking on the role of associate producer for Toni’s upcoming Lifetime Movie Network’s “Un-Break My Heart?” I believe Un-Break My Heart was a heart felt & emotional song for women & men across the world that were going through break ups or any type of unsettling issues. Is this what Toni was feeling when this song was produced & the reason for it to be the title of her movie?

Towanda Braxton : You know, originally, she hated the song. She just didn’t think it was sexy, nor did she feel connected to the record. But after she recorded it, she slowly fell in love with it. Through all her ups and downs and complications she’s endured throughout her life, i think its safe to say that Unbreak My Heart would be the best title for a story of her life and career. As LA Reid once stated, Toni doesn’t “sell sex”…she sells “Pain”. All of her hit songs were heartbreak songs. Songs for people who were going through complications with love and relationship…which any and everyone can relate to!

Mira Bell : Presidential Style, myself & our audience are huge Toni Braxton fans. Will this movie allow us to see who the “Real” Toni is?

Towanda Braxton : Yes, this film will show a different side of Toni. I believe she is more vulnerable and open in this movie than she has been in the past. She is a VERY private person. She’s a believer in putting her thoughts, feelings, and emotions into her music, opposed to on her timeline for the public. You can get a better understanding of who she is, not only as an artist, but as the woman…Toni Braxton.

Mira Bell : The press release states that you bring a wealth of talent to this project. Watching your show “Braxton Family Values” it seems as if you’re always giving so much of yourself to help Toni as well as, others in your family, how do you stay so full? Who replenishes Towanda daily in order to constantly keep you able to give?

Towanda Braxton : Jesus! LoL!! That’s who gives me my strength and replenishment. But, when Toni first told me about the movie and asked for my help, I jumped at the opportunity. I know Toni inside and out, I mean not only are we sisters, but I was her personal assistant for years! I was there with her through her journey, i was there for both her highs and lows…I was right there by her side through it all. But I think Lex represents Toni in the right light. I was on set, almost everyday, helping the girls with their roles. I would tell them certain things that my sisters did and didn’t do to help with the chemistry among them. We watched old episodes of Braxton Family Values together, I showed them old pictures and videos of us singing in churches and on stages. I was very hands on with this movie, I just felt that it was important for her story to be told   correctly. I wanted to be sure that the girls not only acted like us, but dressed like us, and had our mannerisms as well!

Mira Bell : How will this role fit into all the wonderful things that you are doing towards expanding the Braxton Brand, such as being a beautiful spokesperson for companies such as Burlington Coat Factory, Macy’s; international press, television and the entertainment industry & most important, being a mom?

Towanda Braxton : You know, I LOVE acting! But being behind the camera for this film was therapeutic for me.

Mira Bell : Although the movie is Toni’s memoir, will you or any of your sisters make a guest appearance?

Towanda Braxton : The movie is based on Toni THEE Braxton, but it does involve myself and my other sisters. We are a big part of Toni’s journey, and we are proud and appreciative of that! As far as us physically being in the movie outside of the girls portraying us, no.

Mira Bell : Are there any future films in the works for the lovely Braxton women?

Towanda Braxton : There are several different things on the table right now, but I can’t talk about it just yet! But maybe soon 😉


Presidential Style would like to thank Towanda Braxton for taking time out of her busy schedule to give us this wonderful interview she named herself “The Responsible One”.