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Ms. Malaika-Tamu Cooper At The Kinks, Coils, and Kicks Natural Hair Event

June 2, 2014


Presidential Style had the honor of been at the Kinks, Coils, and Kicks event in Wilmington NC at the Dirty Martini. This event was brought by Naturally Fly founders Tiffany Cooper, Tameka Brown Small, Lynne Jones, Shantay Ward and Jessica De Vault Hale.  This was a natural hair mixer to educate the City of Wilmington on natural hair.

Ms. Malaika-Tamu Cooper was the guest Celebrity Stylist and Educator who hosted this wonderful event. Ms. Malaika- Tamu Cooper has been doing hair professionally since 1993, but since the tinder age of nine years old has had a feel for hair. Own for 20 years of a salon in Baltimore, MD that she turned into a learning Institute, called Dreadz N Headz Academy. She is featured on www.naturalhaircare.com as a natural hair specialist, www.authentichair.com, and www.bmorenaturalinc.com. Malaika wants to reintroduce people to their natural esthetic of beauty. Systematically going from state to state she wants to show people other alternatives other than Eurocentric styles. Although still out of high school she persuaded a career as an Air Traffic Controller. In 1985 Ronald Rogan fired all Air Traffic Controllers, they came to her school and offered to pay for them to go to school for Air Traffic Controlling. She accepted and 1989 became one of the first black women Air Transportation. For eleven months she was an intern and she hated it. So she quit. She has also done modeling. She is Ms. DC full figure and the first with locks. She is also a photographer. Start the company Mahogany Photography. In 1991 she sold 40 of her images to Hallmark Which lead to Mahogany Card. She has gotten fired from every job she’s ever had because she is a revolutionary.  Never being able to do the regular 9 to 5, could not deal with anyone telling her when and how long to take her breaks and lunches. She felt like she made her break through when her photo studio averaged a quarter a million a year. Corporate America seen her in a Eurocentric setting, she was not comfortable, so she changed her style. When she did people thought she had lost her mind or she had become a lesbian. As long a she maintain a professional look with her hair pulled back and business suit she moved up easily. She loves going with the flow like water. Hair is her venue to be able to get her point across. Daughter of a Black Panther, she loved her Aphoristic side. Doing celebrity hair she has also traveled the world teaching at some the largest hair shows. Remaining humble she has been to different continents with lines of people waiting to get autographs. Only doing natural hair services she has managed to brand herself as one of the top natural hair care specialist in the country. Founder of Natural Hair Care Expo she brings all of her walks of life together. From preaching the gospel of how to maintain natural hair to make her own products, She has made being natural apart of her life and her existence. Not a fad. She is Naturally Fly.  Follow the links below for more information concerning Malaika-Tamu Cooper: www.malaika-TamuCooper.com      FB Malaika -Tamu Cooper www.dreadzandheadz.com www.marketingwithmalaika.com to follow naturally fly group you can find them at www.naturallyflywilmington.com