Nakia T Hamilton with Luv Life ENT Presents Beautifully Insecure…..Love Yourself!!

May 25, 2016

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Meanwhile Presidential Style Would Like To Recognize Nakia T Hamilton For All The Hard Work  He Puts Into Making Films In Wilmington NC.



God gave him the gift of music!! Only God knew he would soon after combine his two loves and change lives in the process.

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Now!!!! Beautifully Insecure

Imagine falling in love with someone but not able to love yourself. Leanna was diagnosed
with Alopecia at age 7 and by 9 years of age all her hair was gone. Unlike some others with
Alopecia by her early 20’s her insecurities had a grip on her heart. So much that she
became a master of hiding her hair loss. It wasn’t until she met the love of her life
Terrence she felt she couldn’t hide it any longer. As their love grew the pressure to tell
Terrence grew also. Will she ever realize she’s probably her worse enemy?  She’s in for a
big surprise!

India Arie Said It Best !!!! “I Am Not My Hair”



You must know your beautiful before anyone else!!!!

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