Ne-Yo’s Ex Talks Him Making Her Get Tubes Tied, Only To Get Another Woman Pregnant

April 10, 2016

‘How does she know that he’s not going to do the same thing to her?’

Ne-Yo’s ex-fiancée put him on blast, and has opened up about their split and the singer’s betrayal.

As many know, the Grammy-winning singer and songwriter recently married video vixen, Crystal Renay, who welcomed their first child last month.


But prior to meeting his current wife, Ne-Yo was engaged to Monyetta Shaw. The two have a son and daughter together.

Shaw, who has a new book called “Bigger Than Me,” is finally opening up about her feelings on her former fiancé breaking her heart and leaving her barren.

Back in 2011, Shaw got her tubes tied after she and Ne-Yo agreed that their family was complete, and did not need to have any more children.

“Ne-Yo also agreed to undergo a vasectomy to show our mutual commitment to the relationship,” Shaw told the New York Post.
But two months before their wedding in 2013, the singer told her that he no longer wanted to be monogamous.

“In other words, he wanted to break up,” she said. “A week after our split, Ne-Yo posted the news on Instagram.”

As it turns out, Ne-Yo never followed through with their agreement for him to get a vasectomy. In 2014, the 36-year-old superstar began dating Renay, who starred in his music video, “Money Can’t Buy.”

“My world came crashing down all over again: I had tried to understand that he didn’t want to be monogamous, but then he went and found a different woman whom he was ready to be monogamous with?” Shaw recalled.

“It hurts to see them parade their love on social media. She seems like a nice girl, but I would be worried if I were she. How does she know that he’s not going to do the same thing to her that he did to me?”

Making matters worse, Shaw mourns the reality that she may never be able to start a family should she decide to get married in the future. Still, she’s trying to see the silver lining.

“Despite all of the hurt, there has been one bright spot. I’ve had so many women reach out to me via social media, pouring their hearts out about similar regrets. I’m glad that I’ve been able to counsel some of them as they navigate their own hardships,” Shaw said.

“Now I look back and wonder what I was thinking. I love hard, and I made so many permanent decisions based on what I thought a man wanted from me, not what I wanted for myself. Today, I’m finally at peace. I took awhile to get here, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be exactly where I want to be, but I make the choice each day to be happy, not just for me, but for my two kids. That’s where the title of my book comes from — this is all bigger than me.”