April 6, 2015

(Tampa, FL) March 31, 2015
– The Sheridan Group PR introduces East Coast Native Shawn Kent. His single “For Keeps” is set to be released late April 2015. The video, which will be shot in Tampa, Florida will be his national debut and kick start his EP release campaign. Shawn Kent is an book smart lyricist that can appeal to the masses that simply believe in “good music“. This indie artist is 100% behind backing his own project and is prepping himself for an ultimate win.

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Shawn Kent BIO:

Born Duchant Johhson on July 22 1985, this New Jersey native took on the alias ofShawn Kent at the age of 19 and discovered his talent for battle rapping.  ShawnKent garnered the attention of Dj Lazy K early in his music career and released a mixtape that Shawn Kent alone put in work to push it throughout the Tri-State area. It wasn’t until one night after being out selling music and getting robbed at gun point that his rapping career was jeopardized. Boxing which always his passion became his focal point and making music took a back seat for a few years.


While in law school, Shawn Kent arose again and he could not deny what was inevitably inside of him. With artist like Joe Budden in constant rotation on his speakers, his east coast grittiness has been embedded in his style of rapping. Music helps him vent, so his topics range from life experiences from the prospective of a regular joe to having grown man issues. He doesn’t rap about anything he hasn’t been through. Anyone that doesn’t believe a law student could grab the ears of the hood has never listened to Shawn Kent.


Shawn Kent explains his music as, “Reality rap and punch lines.  I think being from the east coast bars are important and that plays into my music.” Striving for success is more than just not having a boss for him. From helping his loved ones to making classics that will last throughout the years of hip hop is all he wants. Currently in the studio working on his 2015 mixtape release, Shawn Kent is prepped for the competition with the same manner that he preps for a boxing match.